i want to be a doctor so bad i cheated my way to hate and didn't do so because i'm scary and lonely also very poor emotionally and false to not know who you are kind of hatred and racism and i couldn't but i will one day i swear kind of abuse

i actually don't need to be

after years of academic abuse and educational abuse, governmentally oriented, i would say

that being a doctor is easy

medical school is pointless

mi6's mina

the medical school psychiatric degree

mi6's mina


this is about nardine, and her nardictionary and do you wanna open a credit card abuse of her, to say your is not worthful and to know you're scary is truthful, always, to say you're so angry as not to be, and always tortuous not to want to see to want to have more to never know so if you knew how to never be then someone would say, and that's what you want a personal hatred to know impersonally to say lackingness is not fully and untruly strange so to say you're. an abuser is not the thing, that you are a strange gleaning kind, to feel and want and always feel weirdly to have fun and not have what you can't so weirdly and dangerously to not have a thing and have with such strange addiction to temporality but it doesn't mean that you hate her, nor love her, because if you did you wouldn't want to not know her, and more importantly you hurt her a lot, injured a lot of others, and did so without, to have what's within just to have the same kind of darkness, which is so based in oddness and threats and to confuse reality, with your fakeness to not know but to harass, to feel that if you harmed then you definitely did also directing so and never wanting such {if you wanted, then you could have, this is about their torture if a person hates then they really do and if a person want to hate then they really will not want to hate