in torture manuals, forced bereavement and schizophrenic appearance are the norm, title to hate the opposite, and title to be the forward, so the composite is : torture by means of drugs, appearance, and delusory grandiosity implied in others, to insiniuate their insanity, and commit torture, all mechanisms are sexual, the means is extremely sophisticated; nuance is revealed in little typographic changes and full-blown psychosis induction in strangers, even, so to say, this is an extreme level of torture, unhad by any -american living within the united states historically, and involves literal pedophilia, started so long ago, just hidden not mentioned deleted so redacted so much 

codes now:: gross, blekh, arkh,

codes two: akh, ikh, ba

codes three: to, be, three, four, where, how, when, soo

codes four: to i b

codes authorized: sih si and as

codes forced: t i and to, a, three

emergency codes: i i t l

self-protective codes: i i i three i L a B

codes five: three, 2 9

codes ex: 2, 0

codes free to use: 000 000 0000

codes abused: 0

codes freed: )0,1(.

others: 0-1 0-1 0-1 0-1, 4*, *-to, 3, 2, 33 <that's bad> and not 0 1 so gross