Gene Simmons is the Taylor Swift of yesteryear and today, her literal father.

harmful though healful, mocking like gene simmons, receiving hateful correspondences, is his job, david letterman, and howard stern, horror is your and i wonder why rashad reminds me of david letterman, is it so that you enslaved another, to become your hatred to of and four the hatred of yours and your rape is funny, tom, howard is to hate to love, then is it yours to know why such hatefulness, make to break to save in san francisco, where it is save life there to a jumper, who did, then ayn rand, isnt to education as sarte is to ties? then of your, is to: hate and love, scary and not, horrifying and horrible, if i had not her hand, therefore, i did not robin williams tell you to let go of it, until you got belted from dementia? where the creative person say it is my invention that to harm is yours, not mines, then you are driving 

arirpriprozole is given to quiet religious turblence, and is solely marketed for other purposes, given for that objective, is restrain coded and very scary with emotional elements constricted for spiritual outbursts and mania as a way to for and make, with all element suggesting immediate poisoning imminent, and no care taken, it is an immediate threat,

I take to not cause religious turbulence in another, with that intentionality noted, and all elements, contradicting you cannot make to have and take to give, and forced is not kind and forecefully is not kindly

cvs pharmacy is operating illegally, taking drug prescriptions from lilit pogosian md, knowingly Nardine saad, and raping me in the process financially, to the end of Blue Cross's humiliation, this is a rape you're watching, with death ongoing

it is a religious persecution not to "give take" ""give take-give," (with elements of torture, taken to forgive and, (((rape, to tortures))(((end of hate))

so many people

so many deaths

so much rage,


not for your singers of the past, nor artists of the microphone today, to live through comedians of the past.

i hoped,


i receil (receil)

you are not to be good

you are not to be bad

you are to be good and bad, stupid as your parents before you, howard stern and gene simmons and david letterman, is robin williams, thus yours and our hatred is not known to hate?

then you are to hate! 

for that purpose, of hatred, of hategreen, of the evil in you, that's bled throughout time, your worst people, your torturer,

is to know,

you are to be known,

pointless then pointful, then you are the worst thugs historically, drained through your disgusting slaves and slavish retards,

you are going to become them,

slaves and retards, to autists and God's servants

you know that twist-off, well twist-on, which you can't have, my cool refreshment

Pinapple Cider! In Hawaii, which I own now, by the way, you are going to be enslaved on Dole Plantation's, not the Tiki Room, where your dancers laid, before, and after to your children, of Taylor Swift, whom had connections, to abuser, to abuse, similarly, and are this hater of your and yours, emotions, you garish, much? then put you away with your blinding colors black and green, and also for your children are to fuck you now! It's time, guy and guys, it's trans-itory, then