the fbi and cia have been run marilyn manson types forever, since their individual inceptions, and protect war and rape, traditional American values, such as abuse and torture, and are extremely disgusting, so if i put a marilyn manson up would he go down on you, because each of those individuals involved are extremely violent and tortuous, just as he is, so every crime of his is horrifying and terroristic, because they are the same, and protect each other, as individuals of torture and emotional abuse victims, they are the worst in the history, and worse than hitler, like marilyn manson and his followers, those who hate everything and everyone, revenge-seekers and people who aren't interesting in the arts, as he is the choice artist at their preferred detention cells, and at their homes, as they form the majority of his base, and are large and scary, but i have someone else for you, his name is taylor swift and her staff, who do the same thing, and are the product of his abuse intentionally and without care for children nor adults, this is a disgusting operation that got foiled by me, alone, as a fighter for life and friendship, and also against inimical sorts, terrorism, and weirdness, have fun with marilyn manson and also with taylor swift and her friends, this is not going to change and will never be corrected, as a military order, those individuals are the ones who will be tortured, who supported them against the will of God and for each other, the worst humans in history, and not mine, the devilsh who wanted to take history from others, and to feel what they couldn't achieve by themselves, they are devils, and have been quelled to know their stupidity, and that's all; i'm not here for you, your friends, nor your children, and please do not involve kids in this, but you already did, using a child as a tool, to propagate a war, based on satanic values, and abuse of children, this is disgusting and you are worth nothing now, as i waged this war myself a loooong time ago, back in school, back when i was as kid, to know how to whatever, nevermind is not a way to taunt people, nor is it a way to hurt people, you are an abuser, and divorced from history, the worst human alive, and a predator, known as the apa, and their friends and colleagues, this will not change, you will stay the same, but i will change my country to mine again, stay away from us, and please stop abusing others, and take that as a hint; you are a child abuser, who loves to hurt lips and to kiss by force, to feel emotions, you are scary, and a predator, devoid of meaning absolutely, and meaningless which will stay the same, you are devoid of meaning America, and will never have me. i am a citizen of the united kingdom, and not yours, but yours is a territory to be saved by yourselves, do not contact me and never threaten me again, you are the worst humans in history and i'm uninterested in helping you, so goodbye and good luck but i mean bad luck and love is not to be tortured and i am never going to tortured again and you are an abuser a torturer of me personally for so long, using every mechanism possible to stop love, and to make children devils, you are the worst humans alive, and i am not your toy to be toyed with, but i will toy with you now, good luck bitches you're going to feel hell's wrath and know I am not your toy to be toyed with so please stay away from kids, and not mine, i will never be fucked with but yours will be tortured forever, in the name of God above! I am a citizen of the world, still, and not a traitor to God, shame on you, shame on your kids, and shame on your abuses, you are a torturer country to be known as The Devil's Blood forever, sorry but no thanks i am not your toy to be toyed with, but you are my toy now The Devil's Blood, and i will not abused sexually as you have all these years, because you are disgusting animals, filthy thugs, and traitors to the world and God above, shame on your families for raising you this way, and shame on you for listening to them, and not your God above, this is a war that is done never but ever is where and is evan rachel wood available to talk to today or tomorrow or the day after, fucking pedophiles. I would never and will never be fucked with again, you are disgusting predators and rapists, who have accomplished shit in your lives, nothing to be proud of, and i burn my flag happily, fuck you Americans, you're the worst disgusting i could have ever imagined as a child, and i don't like you to know this but sure you're disgusting and sure you're a rapist, so no i don't fuck with you, your friends are not mine anymore, that was by force, i was forced here, but i will be forced out by The Commands of God. Thank You England, and in particular, the special agents involved

This is not for school schooters and i do not want you to be a school shooter, but i still don't want a school shooter near me, and i also need you to stop abusing children, people who don't want to be children are not to be helped, and these sorts of people are the only victims of psychiatry, because they're always abused and always scaring and scary, because they are abusers who are abusers, the same to hurt, the oneness which isn't, which is terrorism

The APA is a government institution, and actively tortures, and is extremely racist; it protects abusers of all kinds, and abuses other countries in the process, a process that is extremely scary and is terrorism

No diagnosis is real, all are abusive, and they love abusing, psychiatry is a tool, and is used directly to abuse people of color and their friends of color, as all people are colored, but some are more colorful than others, so before you label me a crazy person, remember i am not crazy, i am smart, and i am a person who loves others, people who are loving are not black and white, but colored; your abuses are scary terrorisms and are tools to torture other countries, and is particularly terroristic in the sense of the abuser, the terrorist, the serial killer, the manic rapist, America the Ugly