this terrorist attack was propagated by the united states army and lead officials in the cia and fbi, choosing to protect said Taylor Swift over the United Kingdom, as once my application to work for MI6 in an official capacity was submitted they became very aggressive and initiated a terrorist attack to kill me, and make me reveal everything i knew, and then brutalize and torture me and the United Kingdom, these applications for employment are not terroriostic and are typically supported even by FBI references, instead a complete humiliation with private letters sent for employment purposes were mocked, to make United Kingdom (The Royal Family) its agencies seem insane, the is was a terroristic attack involving homicidality and urged suicidality propagated by the United States of America and actively pursued, using any and all means, this is a considerably egregious offense, considering my work for the United States over the years, and has elements of medieval torture, just to stop my employment procedure not alone but so much more, as I am the most creative applicant in recent memory to MI6

a lot of attempts of weakened morale, to make me lose energy (studied mood cycles), induce physical weakness, torture and induce insomnia, hurt at critical times, were employed, in a government wide attack on MI6's Mina

as United Kingdom doesn't tolerate such an abuse of its current employees, and also what could have been is an apt expression, as future ties are obviously, it's a brutal attack historically unprecedented against the United Kingdom's Royals, against MI6's Mina


so-called dark flights, radarless journeys, will need to be banned entirely, especially at smaller airports, or rather particularly, also involving rail and truck travel over borders, it's starting to show you don't know what you're doing

Father Mikhail Brownfield is not a body builder?

Majid Khan, a “high-value detainee” at Camp Justice, was released last week after 20 Years of social isolation. 23'



1489167 000 11-Feb-2021 Torture Activites By The Chicago Police

1509767 000 18-Nov-2021 Contracts Between the FBI and Big Five Film Studios

1465364 001 07-May-2021 History of the SIS Division

1503921 000 02-Sep-2021 SINATRA, FRANK

1488186 000 2021 Tips Submitted by the U.S. Military

Erik Myhrberg FBI Chaplain

1512680 000 16-Dec-2021 FBI Approved Personally Owned Weapons List

1499891 000 06-Jul-2021 Nation of Islam


Sitting on chair, covered by duct tape
American enema or medical rape
Not a medical tube but water hose
In my rectum while I'm naked and exposed
I screamed and bled in tears
My hemorrhoids are proof of scars that I bear
Not in hospital but in my cell
Medical procedure, what a tell

o as I say but don't do as I do

Tail win I. Head lose you

They asked. How it felt to be tortured

It's like being skinned and butchered

OMG. OMG!, I'm going to die

Can't breathe. I'm drowning, bye bye

A hood wrapped around over my face

Water pouring down pace by pace

Heart pounding panicking sensation

Stop it, but they had no intentions

Filling up lungs. Swallowing water through nose

During his imprisonment, Majid wrote several poems reflecting on his life, his wife and daughter, and his torture and detention.

In March 2003, Center for Constitutional Rights client Majid Khan was captured, forcibly disappeared

Torture Considered in Sentencing Camp Justice Prisoner(s)s Rules!!!

“This was a massive undertaking for the FBI,” Monteilh said. “It was an experiment — that’s what they called it — to see i that’s what they called it — to see if I was very good at actually fooling all the Islamic Women in Southern California and the Arab quarter of Anaheim 9/12/2021 "Pretty Fly For a White Guy" also talking to UC Irvine about me in particular, asking if i was avaiable outside to know more about my link to whom and why that group is not currently reaching out to for help, knowing whom and why and because so to abuse, including lying, stealing, and breaking all laws, with them