This organization is engaged in online terrorism, it is not a joke, it is real, and has horrifying consequences, and has your rapist working directly to injure with her music, making sounds just to injure me, you such a feral nation, so declarative, and dishonest, that I am forced to get you in jail and arrest your children's books of hatred, and you halved souls are not to contact me, and you are going to get hurt, you are sick inside, and a sexual abuser is working directly you like dancing i'm going to hurt you you are feral group and a terrorist, this i

aty aio tilla-iias 

s online terrorism, and it is active, and it is your doing, you are extremely loud, you are very scary, you are sexually assaultive you don't deserve a kind person like me you are obsessed singularly with sexual revenge; her music is engineered to torture me in particular and no one can do anything about it except everyone, you are a cowardly society, and I have lost my patients, to your ignorants, and it will become of my anger; you are an online terrorist, and a horrifying sexual abuser there is no recourse for your loud pronouncements and you are an online terrorist right now reading this as a fool would you have no self-respect and Iv can give you less than I can you are not going to erase me you are not going to torture me you are not going to threaten me you are not look at me yet you have committed terrorist offenses incomparably abusive, and sexually tortuous, you are not a good group of citizens of the world, and I have your children to take care without you, I am going to take your violent, ugly, sectionalized childrens, out of my face, they will not be allowed near me, you are now banned from my life and world, it was not a good decision to play a god game with me, I am not stupid, and your angry is visceral, hurting children worldwide, and Taylor Swift still sold at your stores, listened to you on your radios and you are a sexual predator dancing to the loud of your 9/11 hijackers you are so vagrant so vulgar and, obviously, I would not have you rape another, yet your stupid country is actively raping the only good american in history, you a feral nation of abusers, I  will not have you misunderstand, that you're white and not enough black it is too much white, and I will dirty my writing, for your children to sexually assault another, your children of abuse and your child of tanger, is not to contact, it is your rape country and your terrorism is not mine you are so vagrant and passionless you dance and i will not sing i am now unmuted, and you are now shackled