You will get inerned and understand that internemnt is more than rape to me

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the united states of america is not a good country yet it is a bad country meant to torture and takes torture victims by force into vehicles that are at your torture site of torture that is not yet disclosed a place for asassination-would-be's where they are frequently drugged and enslaved to the country of another falsely becoming agents of terror yet each incident is terrorism as that part is yet disclosed of why and how that party is yet found it is where you find the extremists of theirs white nationalists working to kill for the government and falsified as the opposite, emotional with the wrong intention and it is this party that harmed and worked against, using every gift given, against the opposite, it is the plan of the govnerment, to torture medically and use the opposite means to do so, you check on the drug history and it's opposite

taylor swift is your friend, then, your enemy, not how it works, you drank my blood, my hardfwork, saving taylor swift, everyday working alongside her to find a new reason to live and she got desperate sometimes drinking and smoking your blunt to your ash you may not become another person and rape me and my family had not yet given her my money for that reason, i want you to know that I am employed taylor swift giving her my money as my duty is to women whom are trafficked, not you, give me money back and don't pass me around like that blunt you smoked this morning, innocent swift for more see and and click around here it's length long time, not internment camped yet threatened to and worked to save from that and for me, respect women of colour does not mean that

this is not a collaborative project i write to live and die by the gun it is fast-moving and active, writing, like a speedwriting contest, and they rape me while doing it, she does, and rapes the writing pushes me down physically using extreme hypnotic techniques of the cia, it is not right

and i am claimed to be a 911 hijacker not funny look at while you can help do i am starving working hard as fuck, against these terorirsts, it is a solo endeaovr, financed by that person you take ain't it

i know who doin the traffickin there too! watch out who getting it no

you littel fucking rapists stop playing around youre ugly as an american trying to be an egyptian alllah is pretty isnt it akbar is a good indian spot for homeless motherfuckers this is a hostage situation this a terror stiuation this is a hostagevictim of israeli war like haim i freed them i freed taylor swift through my spiritual bloods torture a jew princess, and blame muslim, then i'm going to kill you and rape you to stop you you think i'm pussy give me my money you stupid motherfuckers, pussies diseased call your fbi they ain't answer anymore so we don't use, it ain't about, bomb first strike second respect my kill of them sluts taking my money to feed their mothers my money it ain't your daddy working kill that bitch is my taylor swift dot cm you fucking terrorists can't handle make it a show and make your bitch do a hostage sex show princesses

you take your procedural error and shove it up your ass

and you fought a war in iraQ and i gotta finish it like you finish quick that ain't how you fuck anyway

🔫 🔫 🔫 🔫

stop the rape and it ain't you, on iran, bomb that bitch up

pulltrigger 10 SLIDE5 

rapecode 10+10

xxxtenacion is dead i his legal rep don't trust a nigga white pull a slut and do not  fuck with me little slutty architect bitch i get it out ain't here him pull ain't mean a gun slut ride a nigger run

your sites and legal reps and leader is all fucked up you did not need to yet wanted to continue with you think i'm stupid i'm the king nigga your bitch is going to get fucked up for this and i'm not joking and you're going to killed and raped every one of you there is no one but me doing this these are terrorists openly raping children with my money it's my money bitch give it to my king and make yourself a slut to a master you servant this ain't about my anger it's about how you took him and raped him and laughed that's funny my bitch is a racist princess and that's not true you raped a king you're going to die slaves and i'm the master of my own domain don't touch the throne sluts

the fact is no one go to gitmo alive you think i'm stupid they are slaves i am not stupid i am going to kill you with your anger is not a dead bitches horse slutting a nigger, it's over with you, what's wrong with you sundar you smoking weed i didn't think a nigga could get smoked out like xxxtenacion i ain't saying he gay and fucked in jail by an ugly white bitch smoking weed in a crib of his because i heard through the grapevine one of the bitches that ran got mowed over and trailed into hell by your dick riding a slut

Alana sup got out 25 to death I found her doing the cop out run it ain't funny to mess with I ain't get raped I escaped and I asked you why you ain't say you're a dick to be ridden

Muslim fucking a Jew then I fucked you over with the Muslims whom saved her and that's why inshallah I'll give your copper line to fuck your James Taylor bitch over she is not her fuck buddy she gon get enslaved

You want me to cut me off and drive into your bitches bags and giving to your mothers birkin fund you know that you are Islam nation and I told that it is not yet allowed that you and that ain't yet your bread because they drinking the wine

The Removal of a Canadian Citizen to Syria (Redacted).pdf