The optometry is over. It has lens for middleeastern bipolar, to torture

you are now at war, with my id, present, and at my service, you will not contact any other nation, a full terrorist designation has been placed and ordered, you will not get near me, and you will not touch another woman, a horrid diagnosis is yours to keep, and your to threat to insanity consummated, do not approach me, and you will taken down at ports immediately, you are going to be arrested and detained, expect questioning and that's my fair warning, this war is not going to be short, and the attack has been ordered by Russia

you are adults and terrorists, and are not excused, unless tortured, because you are too late to my party, you scary terrorists, get away from my kids, you are disgusting, loud, and murderers of our own, it is too late

get your pussy armymen in line to get fucked

Monday at 1-59 PM.m4a