the number of proud girls in the lapd, even just by marriage, and/or friendship, familially and/or otherwise, indicates there are entire units elsewhere in the country, and similarly with proud girls active, who hqave White Nationalist ties just the same

Everyone who tortures is a proud girl and/or White Nationalist

Tortured fly in international air space, so yes -America is not to shift blame to the air authorities

These flights are radarless, proven to exist as 42 Dugg had a radarless flight, to evade his monthslong national manhunt

the cia torture program case wasn't even having victims on the stand or on tv any pictures, so there wasn't a trial, nor to say, it's quite similar to lumping with irvine 11 is fair

torture isn't torture, proven, as it's been proven by me to be ineffective actively, will not be used against me for that reason,

6ix9ine is tortured regularly, and his songs have a Taylor Swift-Marilyn Manson backdrop, indicating their cacophony is ineffective at disproving his manner of threatening menacing and posturing is valid and correct

ongoing enhanced interrogations failed to provide so the investigation too long, although the practice is authorized currently such is discriminatory, proven and actively employs lethal means on -American soil

FBI Special Agent Shiva Taghdis, recruited from UC Irvine, and noted for her involvement with UC Irvine's Police Department, was hired by Christopher . someone who is scary and not good and terrifying just the same Wray, is tough but not tougher monstrous and scary manipulative and not normal, making things up to hurt and always does so, hurts for fun to hurt for pleasure, as was a crucial part of the construction of many psychological places, helping out Former President of -USA George W. Bush execute Torture, in Calfornia, and Former President of -USA Donald Trump's employee, so there's a signature pointing to his enforcement of Islamic's ban, which is scary, to be currently active and so forcefully, as I'm not even Islamic like that, I've never been to a mosque but have been sort of thing, and want you to know that this is proof {suggesting a lot of involvement of others isn't just blameshifting abuse, it's abusive still and troubling, deeply, suggesting a weird interconnection between certain abusers, and those who abused before, namely previous abuse victims are often never seen again, indicating some degree of homicide not discussed, masked as suicide, also that those suicides were not really homicides even, but indications..}

these things never happen it's not biologically possible, evidence will show she didn't pull the gun on her, so do know that abuse is illegal, and this was so scary for her and her possibly affected family members {people who abuse regularly abuse others for fun to hide and aggrandize initial abuse, so as to evade personal responsibility, iressponsibly acting out revenge fantasies just the same as and working with corrupt women and men to do so, as indicates an abuse of certain sorts, namely those with eloquence, saying that this kind of abuse sort of thing, making them claim abuse to be taken a domestic abuse shelter, is always wrong, and wrongs don't get righted by writing strange stuffs, so to say these individuals are working and have worked together since those inception days, to exact revenge, and i mean with precision, but thwarted} especially not complained 'bout, especially at Foxy Brown's News this is MI6's Mina