Liars don't prosper in God's kingdom, they die. You are not going to live in God's kingdom. That's a mistake of yours, not His, so don't blame-shift, and all your abuses are rooted in a repudiation of who you are, Godly people. I hate liars. I hate sinners. I hate abusers, mortifiers, tricksters, lowlives, people who hate people (who make others happy), people who don't harass others? you are evil, a project-killer, a disgusting thing, a pervert, a psychopath, a passionately chronically unhappy person, and you'll go to Hell soon, bitchy, witchy, role-shifter, 

I'd like to report an attempted murder of Jesus Christ, not me stupid, this is an analogy. I saw them stoning and crucifying a saint, and he had to die for your evils, and you just went along with your lives

Live for God, and be Godly

abuse by people in power has been a problem, and is

you know

but you ignore

do you know why


that's why.

you are. 

you aren't, actually, and professionals are not geniuses, right? Well, I am. I am a genius.