you're a kitten, and you're a kitten-lover, and you're nota dog, you're more of a tick (stop ticking people off, you tick off every box for serial killer, Johnny Depp)

arrest johnny depp for his Satanism, his kinship with Marilyn Manson, the worst Satanist perhaps historically, currently certainly, who naturally hates women, an sexual rapist, a pervert with children, a person who should have been in jail many years ago, who works with a Satanic cult to kill Christians literally, with the worst weapons, psychiatry

Marilyn Manson worked with Johnny Depp, under this devilish guidance, to write fake FBI letters, employing fake FBI agents, to make someone go to a mental facility, a criminal, a lowlife, a scoundrel, a mental patient, crazy, abuser of all women (a pretend victim, who enables sexual perpetrators) , so violent (scary, just like his antisemitic weirdo makeup guy)

I'm not anyone's enabler; if you're a lazy sleeping weirdo, i don't fuck with cowards who don't fight the Devil (totally legit, abuse is not to be tolerated and to be examined and stopped, to be analyzedd properly, so no one is manipulated totally cheap like these chemicals-lovers)