mindy kaling's baby looks great (but she doesn't hear that, she is a good person like a person fit for a mother, afraid she isn't, but i am for i, meaning she is attacked brutally but only through i and us kind of replacement, the type of abuse and racism that afflicts me currently did her too, just to say it's likely that she, a woman, a person meaningfully possesed as a kind stronger replacement dashing away to understand that she isn't unkind, but she is able to understand that she is aware, but not really, safe to say she isn't kinder than i, but she's meaning i as in he, a person she doesn't know that well, a person she wished for didn't appear like the all-4-one song from the disney cartoon hunchback, notre dame cathedral means a lot to me, meaningfully know that I want the best, but it doesn't mean that (in fact, it means I want, but less, like little, but a lot of the good morality in everyone, and it's important to note that buying notepads is good, and so is sketching, this behavior isn't sketcy; say hey, then goodbye, hi then i suddenly arrive (oh, you just arrived meaning two things, i hate you and i want you - so it's weird, and pedestertian, it isn't who it is, but who she is, like me as a she and always, just because she is not me, i am not that she, i am you, a person who understands what? who understands proper grammar, and elegantly so to say that it's hatred that you're after (like you're to be blamed for anger, and the cause, and as who you represent

BJs doesn't mean that, Mindy robbed kay, not i

Amgad (am god? wtf is his name? the old priest not ashraf wtf these names can you go to like a not me, because you're weird man, i really don't know who the fuck you are stop robbing me, and like play the fiddle with your wife, shes yours, i'm not gay, and don't play

psychological hostage is the same thing, and please note that you are not hers, you are not, you are not, you are a scary abuser a abuser does not care and who harms directly to inflict pain, just for fun, mockingly tauntingly talkatively abusing her, her Friend and Healers, Her being a healer of Me, and destroyed a lot more