craziness is evil,

monsters are crazy, not me, say you will

do not harm, because harmful people are abusive,

scary, and scared within. you are not to tell, to remain silent, to harm, others, to kill, mindlessly, to harm, disturbingly, to indulge, in your own sordid idiocy, you are evil narcissists, haters of reality, cold-hearted killers, bold haters, masochists who love the fight, rule-followers, lovers of authority, killers, monsters, liars, abusers, full of hatred and awful feeling, a crumbling impoverished collective soul without anyone at the end of the day, spineless, criminal, dangerous, horrid, manipulative, scary, shrewd, calculated, aggressive, monstrous, foolish, dumb, arrogant, ludicrous. 

people who harm others, these are the worst, but people who assist them, they are the real squares and rectangles, as they emerge victorious, unscathed, with the other side-always, resisting truths, manipulating and calculating,

Do not harm.

People who abuse, lie. So do you, Mr. Morose and Ms. Dishonest, fools for the system, lovers of money, not love, which is already self-defeating, dark, and scary, foolish, contemptuous, love-splitters (and no, I do not think the corporeal body, extends into..), 

fools for hatred, fools for medicines, fools for potions, and a natural Laughingstock, fool, disintegrated soul, plagiaristic and a paradise-seeker, unlikely motivated by anything but heartfulness! Abuse is not to be stupid, inane, and aggressive, dumb, childish, gamer, a terrified soulless person, who has to self-destruct, not be introspective, which is proper manner in which to progress to enrich our soul, sicko(s), crazed things, microscopic hearts, strange predilections, and, most of all, hateful.  

? is not a philosophy. Every syllogism needs a conclusion.