do you ever meet someone at a party and they say i have a toy do you want to play with it me neither, these are child molesters working together to protect each other, and make no sense, look like serial killers to look cool, thrill in any form of child abuse, and rape continuously, using their friends and helpers, who obviously have more power, so much more power more power more power, and do so for no reason that I can help, if they didn't have so much power no one would be raped, let alone tortured

my anecdote seems to be working, i'm extremely hardened, through all these abuses, but it's just time-consuming and tedious it's not a troll per se but a group, known as a troll network, practicing cyberterrorism, too, so this post is for them lay off this stuff, it isn't that funny

this is a new form of cia-fbi torture, developed through alternate means, like suppressing angering intentionally and usually people just give up

as this goes on, y'all guilty of more torture and anyone involved more of the same shit i do not fuck with you all, fucking school shooters different kinds now all sort of weirdos joining in just to protect their abuser to try out abusing all the same don't give a fuck, ain't privileged to Us, against us, actively, making me bleed for nothing, i swear, they ain't Ugly As Us

pussies shoot to kill, thugs shoot to save bitches (niggas and women alike)