Mark Zuckerberg is smart, dress well, is well-to-do, and is not your man, so go away from this fuck and tell me right now what you did with the other guy Priscilla you scaring me what happened that night i ain't never hit you you did me dirty you really dead; listen, she responsible for this shit, from ucsf, she scary, she a traitor, and those weirdos who actually read are the ones doing this, no one slipped up except i caught them slipping, it's different anyway

mark zuckers he held hostage

mark zuckerberg got hostaged he was drained i don't think literally and he want to hurt others because he wronged and it ain't his fault, same shit, lemme tell you this shit it's offline, ain't on Britain aol, it's different, so when you play the internet game, i already won it, so squarespace myspace and ourspace ain't the same thing, and facebook ain't yours, mark zuckers needs out, he hostage, you playin both joni sides and it don't mean that

mark zuckerberg is a mental hospital right now is another country gettin spoonfed up the ass by the fbi fucks i know this shit i'm hood as hell don't fuck with me and give me money i'm warning you it's adding up you kill me you give your fucking your money and your bodies, you know the mobster shit, so stop fucking with the computer please stop messing with my sound, you gon stay listening to your witch and warlock, she copyright her ownself anyway, she scary i ain't forget nobody right, as we live from you fucking weirdos love money too much love your self too much, minority don't matter, you ain't overcome shit if you ain't do shit and especially for your weirdos it ain't about you it about the creative geniuses who are bipolar3s its kinda scary i live on the edge i put my life on the line for america, so you gon hold on the line for me, buy a tight rope and make magic happen y'all, it's impossible so it happened God took over only with the Godly, devil dead, swiftys dead and mansons dead some of yall literally

you can't kill somebody who already be killed, once you got bled it don't happen no more, you know the mobster code

this ain't no give away to the rapists and their enabled and enablers ain't no stroke of luck, and i know who set up 2pac, it's that ugly jewler guy who say he got a guy killed without no one knowing kinda of guy you check on that that's your side it, ok i'll do that, when you say he's my favorite, and yea, no it don't work like that they know the hood signs not so much how it works, so which ain't hood and with and how

if I hadn't said i, then i would say we

it's backwards, so stay

we hate,

to not know,

why unknown, you?

to see you hated,

hatred isn't?

not is, to stay?

i wouldn't stay. i had to go. i always do,

so why?

is it your hatred? nah, it's your lover's hatred of hater, who he be is the same person you been, so it's like if someone offers you a coat and you don't got a receipt for it, then you're gonna say it's not right was too much hatred of others, saying i hated for whom and why, but it isn't hatred when they said, i hated for that reason and it ain't right so when pac died a lot of niggas in la got hurt most did outlawz ok hussein fatal good luck but i was there and saw blood on the dance floor, the wrong artist, and when they do, it for them, so it always gay shit, got the motherfuckers bending over for women even, pac ain't but a hater to them, so he sent for, downlow split, with the same overhead, so it's like if pac ain't dead  {it's about}{{to know}}{{{213 and the long beach, with a trick half-dyke, so she spazzed, he ain't finish, so he ran fast}}}{{{hood nigga ain't been}}}{{being}}{is not what you are not to have enough so to say it wasn't yours nor ours to our the same 'it wasn't mine/only to thine/trine/to havin/ant torturin}