Assuming that bigotry, misogyny or antisemitism are symptoms of a mental health problem is a dangerous and ableist misconception Dr. Andrea Bonior

“When 9/11 hit, I must’ve made 50 phone calls to the FBI tip line because I thought all Toyota drivers were terrorists,” Wick said. “I called the tip line every time I saw one and gave them their license plate number. That’s one extreme. What you have with me are these minor blips where I go up and do things I wouldn’t ordinarily do and that’s what this post is all about.” 

Mania (hypo? hyperthymia?) makes native opinions stronger. Kanye is the only member of society fighting against racism, since he was born. Mania doesn't cause shifts. That is scientific. Kanye was never manic. He was the richest Black person in history. The most creative person in modern times. Perfectly suited for the presidency. You want to make someone sick, to make them sick? The "Famous" video featured Donald Trump. Mr. Jones ran in the Beethoven's Stupidity it isn't; it's evil. By not accepting a clever mea culpa (so elegant an expression!), you are propagating racism. By not blaming the real person who is responsible, so they can stop, who are the White Nationalist communities' shining star, the underground musicians, the mockeries of hip hop. Do not increase White Nationalism, here nor there; you've done and are currently in the process. You are going to HELL, not HEAVEN