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the united kingdom has been under attack for the last 250 years or so, and as it was attacked it suffered enormous losses, and failed in numerous areas because of abusers just the same, those who no interest in helping others, and alos those who are untalented, scary, and insignificant, those who steal, hurt, and obscure reality, for themselves, and always to harm others, and also for fun, to feel happy and giddy and to want and to desire to obscure normality to pervert everything for themselves, the america that you know has been abusing the united kingdom in particular for the last 250 years or so, and wanted to embarass it thoroughouly, oh you're so talented oh you're so smart oh you're so elegant oh you're so funny oh you're so cool oh you're so different oh you're so unique oh you're so dull oh you're so sleepy oh you're so angry oh you're so scary oh you're so stupid oh you're so angry and stupid oh you're so shy oh you won't hurt us oh you're so stupid oh you're so angry oh you're so violent oh you're so standoffish oh you're so poor inside oh you're needy oh you're so wanting oh you're so giving oh you're so off oh you're so uninteresting oh you're


you're a piece of work

you're doing great

you have a fabulous disposition

you have a great idea

you have a person who is yours 

you have a person who is to be taken

you have a person who i can take

you have a person to take responsibility for

you have a person who feels no emotions

you have a person who is emotionality itself

you have a person who is told to be emotional and emotionality itself

you have a person who wants to harm directly

you have a person who is uninteresting and stupid and poor inside and unnecessary

you have a person who is a toy to you

you have a person who is a toy to whomever

you have a person who is a nothing to take for free

you have a person who isn't a good person but you and me 

who have a person to be a toy

you are not talking to a toy you are talking to a toymaker remember that i am not your toy does not mean that particularly it means i am not your obsession to be played with,

do not play with us in the united kingdom, and please do not call me again, crazy, that I wanted to take what is mine, because there is a hatred of others here, because you cannot stand people who are better than you because you've chosen stupidity as your path and you've chosen to make yourselves happy at any cost I do not love you I do not want to be with you and I prayed to God you act responsible, and you counteracted in saying "you are irresponsible, you are crazy, worthless, and slanderous when you are normal, but not today, remember you are not good at what you do, and remember you are going to Hell without anyone near you, there is no good American historically, besides me and a few Innocent Victims, and the United Kingdom will not be your victim, and also when somebody dies, when there's a death in the family, when there's someone to counsel you, remember you are not counselor, and I am yours, so do this for me; say "you're worthless, scary, intimidating, uninteresting, dark, horrid, and untalented in every area, so when they come to say are you okay uk did you make it through today and will you say what you wanted to say when i take it from you did it makes sense to you was it fun and how can i make myself happy at any expense to injure another and also to harm deliberately by making you responsible for me, it doesn't work like that, it didn't work like that, and I will not work with you to say you're a good baby, you're doing well; it doesn't quite work like that, it's about how stupid you are, how antagonistic and how wanting of things aren't yours to have fun at any expense and to make yourselves heroes of your own