i wanted to buy the new asos jeans, but they ran out, so i bought a size 35, which is unusual to have an odd number size, like that, i guess, to say i wouldn't size properly or size up correctly, also noting that if the FOG section was redesigned and the Burberry display made less current, with older season pieces, i wouldn't have said that hatred is unfortunate, because -- unfortunate sorts know of hatred, and the most unfortunate know how little hatred affects, because when you're hated you do not buy gowns, nor hosiery, but you know who you aren't: a good person, a bad person and & something so disgusting {so rare, and untamed, so? does hatred move kind of thing is it motion or does something become mobile, so to know if i ever wasn't in motion, burning with hypomanias so to speak, i wouldn't ever know how hatred feels, but what it could have wanted which is always a nonstarter with you, always something you don't want: love isn't real? is really love real? so if you want love, you get it? you take it and make it? so youre saying i'm odd and not weird and also odd and tough not kind or strange nor if i wanted to know then i wouldn't {{{also, note that such hatred is always distinct, and not my province; and also that such provinicial ideologies are typically situated on aggression and physical malice, something you'd know as, say, "weird" "angry" and "angry," to displace meaning, to want to hurt and to puppet, just to say some know that you are awful, been awful, and absolutely uninteresting - so disgusting and untruthful

does love hate? does love want? if love wanted hate, then i couldn't not know it {do{{{not harm those who love and harming those who love is always strange and & does strangeness know how awful you are}