um, u put the abuser with the abusees (those who raised the sisters)? gross, please gtfo. don't assault. why do you cuff? are you an officer? don't violate! Believe real victims, not those who piggyback and take their abuses to Abuse and Deceive real victims, with superficial charm

to navigate these sites, there are lots, sorry!, just click the three lines at the top left (or left), and you'll see. it's hard, i know, and sometimes my phone crashes too. maybe an ipad? pixel tablet? haha. they sell fun stuff on (an company). try rotating your device. youtube premium lets you watch without ads, although you can click refresh and cross your fingers. you can cast to a speaker. there are fun applications like apple music; all the songs are there. surprisingly, you don't have to buy albums anymore. you can try alternatives like youtube music. that includes videos, too, and songs, you can interchange b/w the 2. tidal is supposed to be higher quality, benefits artists more, if they deserve it, but it depends on your headphones. a lot of headphones are cheap. cool! everything is an individual experience. some sites are so messy; links are broken, things are self-contradictory; some sites are shiny, everything looks good, just whatever floats your boat, :)