"You see the dogs biting the prisoners. Or you see bite marks from the dogs. You can see MPs holding down a prisoner so a medic can give him a shot."

"FORCED to masturbate" others involved, say,before, tamest images? camerapeople, seem used to it

these individuals might be underage

cuba is a terrorist country, but they are flown from america under official order, disorder (...

this was hidden and protected and lied about by the current director of the FBI, Chris Wray, who was hired not just by Donald Trump, but also George W. Bush, as athis individual is smoking also, so there are chemical torturers 

From 2003 to 2005, Wray served as Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Criminal Division in George W. Bush's administration. (rape sentence 4 commanding officers)


so it's basically like Chris Wray doing that

I was thinking who would be a more likely literary figure, Donald Trump or Kanye West

what a stupid guy, Donald Trump, not Kanye West

i looked at some of his writing, i think he's stupid

Were any others involved?

Like they seem to have been there for a while, then all were involved, every biographical detail is fabricated, and there is a cameraperson, at least one, and another, so it's the tamest picture shown, and these people are still employed

Overseas is so they don't make noise, and these are still people America knows about, so they're American, and they're overseas, and America sent them there, and they still are there (ages, are they verified, Joe Racist Biden?)

How old are those guys? Where are the girls, for the guys, so where do they get off? This is the tamest picture, not the worst, and rapes were just displayed, by a vulgar woman to an innocent man, as all Muslisms are peaceful and virgins, too, the males, tasty fruit, and you're not spiritual, let alone Middle-Eastern, and that's obvious, so don't pretend empathy, when the FBI stopped tracking hate crimes, because Chris Wray was hired and covered up such tortures, and works to appease future and past president

Do you wonder why there is black-on-black crime? It's because they make you insane, like who do I fight next, Ima fight you, not the white aggressor, who you can't fight, who is nothing like you, not of your obedience and temperament, such a violent nigger, indeed, white privileged much Taylor Swift to call Kanye a mad black man for handing an MTV award to Destiny's Child, and to call Kanye a misogynist for calling a black woman a bitch, or for saying his "Famous" video was "Revenge porn," to insinuate he is a black violent person, and lying about his then-wife, to break them up, interracial partnerships are important, and you just said she never "apologized" to you for not being white enough, lying recently about "no apology?," instigating more death threats to Kanye West, great work FBI, Vice President Office, racists

taylor swift fans and fbi fanatics, disgusting perverts all of you, disgusting racists, just like her and hers, totally opposite to me and kanye, the worst humans i could ever think to exist, just a mess of no emotions, noise, slander, racism

not a lie, i have no reason to lie, she is not we, she is disgusting disgusting

Poisoning of a Political Opponent, Artistic Opponent, Economic Opponent, Spriitual Opponent, Medical Opponent, All-In-One