your war is not peace, it is wicked and very vile, that person is not a nun, yet I could say that she is a dark person, with dark intentions; because your intentionality is that, she becomes, yet won't; it is traitor to her word, and backword to her mission, to implicate and inculcate using that same wicked technology it is humorous only after you realize that this person is not a real woman, yet a person whom you would know as that representative, not particularly, directly that warrior, is that writer whom you will find whom is where that you will know it is not her word, you'll ask and find those images manipulated, and words portrayed, and my anger is because you are lying, those are funny images after, and not with portrayal, as such words do not replicate only insinuate, that I am a person of the world, only, yet because of it, I do not know your violent nature, is fabricated completely, and you will not know, it is because your show, is not viewed, only shown, and only viewed not be shown, yet viewed not to know

and my anger is shown now, because you are violating children, and you like that feeling it is too much for you to understand that I am scaring you and I scared you away, to misunderstand your violent way, is not properly said, only spoken, and dreamed your anger, then realized it.

to victims of wars previous and current, in the music community, another resource is which complements and provides you out of War Victimization, and into Victory Celebration, do not contact us under false pretense, the long American war against the Middle East is concluded, the pronouncement yet. I would pronounce you dead. I would not give you life after death. It is too much yet I know that your war is not a war against Alana Haim alone, and it is a false pretense and my victimhood is not had, I am well and surviving under Mary Tanagho Rosss's rule, and I have not your anger yet peace it is Alana Haim's, that I am sustained through and with because she has provided shelter through the rule of mine and Mary Tanagho Ross, it is not a dead war, it is a concluded war, and it is finalized, yet officialized legally, is the final step and it is obligated to you, not the Middle East, with your lawmen taken to your war, it is their obligation to concede and start a new battle legally, it is your war against legality, that is left, I had ordered your to stay away, and it is a victory of war, to make that unnecessary; please allow signage of documents, and make it happen legally. if you look at you will find taylor swift is no longer, and is not at shows in my Kingdom United, you will see that it is all propaganda, and the war has ended, not to be legally propagated, you settle your scores, and get my ends, too, because, it is my reward of war, and not your stupidity, had i told you less you would have more, yet I do not have, because it is not a war without a victory and I will have legal victory without legality, and it is your loss, and you will take it and not run away like you're used to doing.

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God to us

God can you hear me?

God can you hear me now?

God can you hear us now?

God can you hear us now and please God understand that I am a place to not to have and a dream to make is a nightmare to take and it is my fault to know you are not to have me, yet only in name, and I would not have you not have, yet only to take my is for God can I have to have to know and I will know that I will not know that, yet only because, it is yet only known that I am not to know that I am not to harm, yet only to know that I am not to harm, yet only to heal, is not to know, that I am not to knowledge, yet only to faith, and only by faith it is through that I know why I am not wanted, yet only needed, is my prayer to God always 

Israeli War Against Hamas, Prayer To End