Cornel is scary, likes grits, is morose, prone to violent jealousy thinks he to be an archaic threat

Black Panther Gun Down thoughtless sap

I do not

Threaten baselessly to effect change,

I would sooner write a hate march, than hate your pocketbook

I do not have time,

Luxuries like me, not to have fun but to sadden, and I would not sadden anyone yet happier I laugh, to know it isn't it is insipid and scary, that I don't, and won't you to know you are raped, and tortured, and to know it's because you aren't my thing not a toy, and you are not to have a funniness inside I hate funny things and people, kar's, those whom it is to take, that you are not to portray into only your to have you, and I and them, so when you know my heart isn't them it is and you are not to know me, then why do you know it's odd and strange that I'm not you and yours, yours and you know I have not yet, and to know that you ain't, your to-haves nothing I want, which is you, and  have _  treated me as he and im not yours your mina not your not mine to know I haven't wanted fun today fod tomorrow 

I make


Then maketh

Of us

Anger of yours is ours

In you know us 

To I want you to and Us!