Why does it feel like I was to be erased entirely, well besides that, & besides that, actively, like my scholarly work and research, so unprotected, not so protected, and the nomenclature right now is what literary figures call important

humiliating whom, precisely is it MI6's workplace culture?, and why and since when and to make me show you, to redefine victimhood, how precisely how?

and when MI6 team finds out exactly what you did and/or doing to its Mina, then more and more and more

stop calling MI6's Kay Jamison mad, and stop making Us Madder and Badder (too late is too late), and please stop belittling hospitalized sorts (it doesn't mean that!)

also, if you think you have rights to blood, nope, similar strategies and former territories (to be reclaimed properly, and not associated with, those against blood)

and also, preemptively, so to go there to cheer on, nope, that's the purpose of self-protection (new war strategems) •••MI6's Mina {{{God's Virgin}}}

Thank You for The Protection of Yours, Father Andrew Hanna, For Teaching Us Our Ways