hopes are forever, not temporary, thank YOU United States. You're the best country in the world. You are the most tolerant, and loving, but killing is gross, but must be done to destroy hate, destroy disgusting people, destroy thoughtlessness, destroy racists!

Value is not in moments! 

Value is forever! Everyone is valuable, not to be crassly disregarded, and I love - because of GOD

Don't kill to harass, and don't kill to become someone else, and don't toy with truth, and don't toy with soulfulness, and don't toy with the one true self

also, please stop harassing others, to accrue

and be aware, that killing is gross, and people who kill are disgusting, and don't know how to behave in the proper sense, you know?

also, destruction of character is false, and people who kill shouldn't be thrilled with the kill, and self-becoming doesn't entail hurting yourself, only your self, you are a disgusting HOMOPHOBE, like all misogynists, and :)

Ronan Farrow is my buddy for life :), and know him! he's really sweet, and thinks the Justin Timberlake/Amr Diab bleached phases were sartorially critical.

stalking is a federal offense, as are all acts of hatred, which the government despises, dummies.

stop hurting others for no reason, seek forgiveness, but not stupidly so, and do accrue Spirituality

people who hurt others don't care for their women, they take advantage, seduce financially, and lead on, they trick and treat the wrong way, and basically are Satanists

anyway, those who join them are the real misogynists.

do not harm. first rule of law.

also, please introduce yourselves, as you have misgendered intentionally to harass and destroy, something that's not artistically sound

also, abuse is gross, and reeks of plagiarism, also stealing is a felony, and people who kill don't know God

People who harass others are definitely not racists. People who cry wolf, and pretend to be others, subjugate emotionality and destroy for the thrill.

Do be aware that destruction of character...

do be aware that people who subjugate women's voices are homophobes, and do be aware that the FBI seeks justice, not revenge, drunkards. please do not lure others, luring, luring, come here fishy fishy, something smells fishy and corupt, you. Do not lure people into hating others, and respect people - now, not later, and please, because propriety and elegance, you know?

When someone kills, they cannot live artistically, and subtly misbehave, and impurely so!

When others kill, they laugh. When forgiveness comes up, they enter a state of emotional paralysis

where have all the cowboys gone, right Mr. Farrow? Right? Right? Where? 

Persons who hate are stupid, and they're handled correctly. Do not doubt the FBI, CIA, or United States Government. They seek hope and redemption, but aren't stupid! If someone kills, they are disgusting. You shouldn't be happy when others are sad. And if you are sad to be happy, then you are not sad, really. And please know that I'm here for you. Thank you, NBC4iTeam. :) Thank you people. Thank you friends. Thanks, fear, joy, sadness, because these are virtues to be praised, not vices to be killed, and I abide by the notion: GOD

Let God's voice resonate and be at peace, and be hopeful, but don't be despairing, let your emotions out in the proper way, as I've demonstrated, because emotionality allows GOD