this is by mina, who is new here, not you late

it's mina sargious, but surnames are first names anyways

I wish you well

today, and later

Annie Lennox and Natalie Merchant

DMX and Kanye West (and Eminem)

thank You to Know

Problem: earthly hater

Solution: enabling depression and Us More

Soluted: So Hopeful! Yes We Are So So Happy to Be Hopeful (that's he difference)

the hai

i hai

i hai

i hai

i hai

will i hai a hai

a hai i'll to know you

and to show you you're my



say i will

to The


The I'll

today's prayer for hope and to know it happens all the time

joke of the day:

if i hate you, will you?

tip of the day:

you have hated? then do not, because hatred is, it's a thing that goes on

hope and harm:

ah i see

to know Thee

who I see

i see whom

and see i'll


Prayer for Conversion

and prayer for Us

i will know

you hate you

and destroy hate, abuser,

so abusers go, do not stay, movement is yours, too, i'll hate you, and destroy hatred and abuse We Will destroy

hatred, abuse, and destruction of Hope

that, too

songs later (and Hope, lol)

let's get a song or a video forever do you like Lifehouse, or Flyleaf's, so God likes you too (:

today it's 10:52 AM, I woke up rejuvenated, through despair, to know joy I feel pain

I feel a bit

I feel bit by bit, piece by piece, I restore others

through a painfulness, not my depression, you say,

well it's mine, then, and i'll make you depressed when you arise, that

hatred isn't yours, too

it's just not!

if hatred is real

then hatred won't be

i hate hatred


if i hate then

i will hate hatred, then, i will hate you, forever


and if i hated forever, then We, it is, love of depression, rejuvenation, 

proven, to be, 


i will be happy, proven to you, by your saying when i hate you

I hate you hatred

I hate you so much hatred, and I hate you, forever,

so I cannot hate, without rejuvenation, and depression,

and a pieceful destruction

So, advice youth:

I will not be hated,

I will not be not hated,

And I will Know That Hatred, So'll hurt Hatred

throughout and within

This is a prayer for You, and Me, Traditionally,

to say, i will love God to you and for the return

of Love 

Without an address

I could not have loved

God so I love God

to address You With The Proper Address We WIll Know

in spite of the abusers, the tellers, of fortunes and providers of abusers, i do not and willn't participate in abuse

so i laugh when we say can i return such abuse

there will be no hatred of honesty but only of the dishonest world,

such a hatred, too!

i hate you dishonesty, so worldly of you to offer to tell me my importance was money, it isn't, i don't trick for money, pine for hatred, illegitatemly, to destroy myself falsely, i cannot do that for you means a lot to me

i do not thank you for your false destruction, I will not improve that's not rejuvenation, it's disgusting

as you ever will be,

so know that when i hate you i really do,

because you represent everything you wanted the devilish falsity is burning anew

i hate him for his hatred of us? you silly, it's not two of you, it's the one hatred i had

in bloom

and with God

through Pain and Suffering, Everlasting Life

We scream and yell Allelulia

Advisement: If hatred goes too far, then do stop, and if I hate too much, correct Us, to know hatred more, and if someone bothers lips plays sound games like these not children do, then blame their children, it's something to know their abuse is so horrid, so disgusting, to know them so well intimimately is wrong, but they impose