don't be complicit in terror right now don't drug to shut down my brown niggas lives mattered shit, alright lilit splitback bro

dark sorts always, is something circumstantial always, and is hatred a lie, like can hatred never not exist

this abuse is tantamount to that kind of torture, and reflects in consistency of torture, so i do not like you, as a person nor entity as you represent the things i hate so much

anger, blind rage, stupidity, and misogyny

moreover, i do not like hatred, but it's your province, suggesting you think i'm scary, because you're stupid

and i don't like stupidity, a characteristic of those who think i'm stupid, dark, and inane, rage-filled and arrogant, because i'm not, you are scary, intimidating, and maligning everyone but yourself, as a lover of impermanence, particularly permanently takikng innocence to appease yourselves, meaning your physical bodies, reflecting an anger and malice towards the innocent, a purposefully angry person can never become kind overnight, and that's what you are, overnight celebrity, a fakest ever, the worst historically, and i don't get mad often, but when i do i show it because i have to, and casting blame historically is reminscient of racism, and racism doesn't persist, but when someone hates actively, to passive-aggressively destroy, just the same, but with brute force, then the situation is different; it's a 4-sided anger, with force here, there, and beneath, and Above - suggesting a terrifying thing is there, but not anywhere

this kind of trickery, this do and forget trickery is your characteristic, you trick and take, make forget, innocently, then monstrously overpower, so as to indicate you are stronger and wiser, but you aren't, you are terrifying, the worst historically, at least now (iykyk), and indicative of knowledge you don't provide, the worst kind of abuse of innocence, also suggesting you know how to hurt intentionally and do, by tricking in racist ways, and manipulating satanically, and also harming intentionally all the time, and no one will notice you hope, as such hurt is permanent, and can't be recovered, indicating the necessity of peacefulness through emotionality, which is mine? emotionality and/or peacefulness, and can one be peaceful emotionally - absolutely, but can one by emotional peacefully? rhetorical questions is a question rhetorical if it is never posed, and is one a poser, or mike skinner type, if freakish and terrifying? as such, this indicates abuse historically unseen, and hatred never before been realized, and also the abuse of children, through similar means, such as "you'll be fine, you'll be well," but trapping well-being into economic terms. terms of hatred, not love, and also abuse through every means possible, such as torture of others' innocence, anyone's by manipulations and trickery, also tricking animals, the most innocent, by making them, you say, but no by mocking them, in the worst ways possible, without any humanity, so garishly, and profoundly stupidly. similarly, when you harm intentionally you do so without "malice," but manipulating words racistly, also torturing for no reason, mocking for no reason, but there is a reason you'd say, it's a tricky one, it's a manipulative one, it's craziness and lack of reason, fake-induced insanity, which you tried intentionally with that kind of person discussed here continuously, trying to induce insanity so ugily even just for fun, you'd say, but that's a hurtful way to say "ill kill you for fun"

as one would say, permanence is true, powerful, and Almighty, but your insistence on abuse has been noted historically, even moreso when you abuse for no reason, for insanity's sake, for the taking and manipulating for purposes of self-aggrandizement, particularly for discrimination's sake, for the purpose of hatred, which isn't really based rationally, but particularly on half-hearted torture, meaning sadistic and cruel, and obviously profane, utilizing "utility" to become "futility" things like that