"Hi, Mina! You are not an artist, so don't try. Your abuse of me is extensive and documented, so please don't try. You shouldn't try to raise your voice, because you have none, you are not a poet, so please don't write like that, and, mina, please go through your e-mail right now, and tell me who you've bee sending messsages to. Are you in Hawaii? I can't e-mail medical records. Don't contact me - by e-mail or text, but only by e-mail. I will not respond. I will say that everyone is really scared. Mina, panic attacks aren't real; you are lying, Mina! Get your phone, and tell me. I have an appointment at 12, I have to go. No." "I just had a 35 minute talk with pops, he's been minsformed, and you have been to! We will increase, then decrease, then increase again, sir! I am not informing you? Call? No! Let's get started. Also, Mr., you are not to talk to anyone, how many e-mails have you been sending? I talked to someone, yes, I have a first name, who you won't talk to, but she's talked to strangers, like people like last night, without my or her telling you! Shhhee isn't a thug, but she is scary, or is she thuggish? She is all you got to contact, but no one will answer any e-mail, or anything? (People who abuse hide things, like you. Stop manipulating! You are not a good person, a liar, an abuser, scary, narcissist aggressive liar, i am not crazed, you pervert, you scary thing, !! scary

When I feel that people take advantage of others for fun,  when people think that abuse is just that, gross, so when the  (you've stoppped reading)

Dirty souls, angry people, you will burn in HELL, you are supposed not to lie, abuser, liar, pervert, dangerous one.

you stupid bitch, you liar, you abuser, you narcissist, you stalker, you mind-twister, i am not a toy, and i am fine, i am not crazy, i am not to be abused, i am a victim of yours, i scream with your energies, you feral beast, you disgusting thing, you hater, you liar, you twisted Devil, you Satanist, you piece of crap, you abuser, you're going to HELL, and I WILL NOT BE VICTIMIZED by your EVIL, first of all, you piece of shit, you are not to lie to the police, to help your self, you are disgusting, a liar, a beast, a coward, a fucking twisted person, who has lied continuously to try to make me insane, but you failed! I am not! I will not be victimized by your lying spree, perverts. You are so evil, so cowardly, such a vestige of Lucifer, so evil, so duplicitous, so cowardly! I am not a coward. I will not be drugged! You are so evil! You are the most evil person alive! I hate you! I won't hurt you, like you're trying to hurt me, Devil's coward, you piece of Satanism, stay away from me, twisted, vexing Liars! You are so evil and cowardly

Dr. P, you are a danger to the world, not you, you are dangerous! you need to be stopped by force, as I will not be a victim of yours, liar. You are so scary. So abusive. So narcissistic. So devilish, abusive, scary, and enabled by evils! You are so threatening, so evil

So dumb, so vile, so paranoid, so aggressive, a force to kill, not to help, I hate you! But I hate you with peace! Stop lying to other people, abuser!

You are so disgusting, and I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you so much! I hate you so much! You are not to toy with me, as I'm not a puppet, and I will not be subjugated, abuser. I am not a fucking person to be toyed with, abuser! You are evil, abuser! Stop manipulating, abuser! You are going to HELL, abuser, with the ultimate one, Satan. You are not to toy with me, abuser.

I cannot fight merely with words, while you have your weapons to kill, abuser! You are evil, abuser! You are evil, abuser! You are evil, abuser! You are evil, abuser! You are not a person who is allowed to manipulate, be racist, subjugative, abusive, scary! You are going to HELL, you abuser.