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Writing is fun, try it, but you know what's more fun: philosophical games, not foolish trix

see you soon, God

see you soon, world

see you soon, life

see life now. attend, be attended to. Cool? 

Vanessa Carlton is destroying language, with Stevie Nicks. All of Stevie Nicks's toys are you. She abuses people. She is scary. She is monstrous. I don't lie. I have no reason to be a liar, only a reason to be a truth-teller. People who lie go to HELL. People who say the truth go to HEAVEN. God is Truth, the Devil is Lie. People who manipulate philosophies, don't understand them, kill philosophers are evil Hitlers. The destruction of language is a way to abuse God's presence in the world, which is omnipresent. It is self-contradictory, so gross, and basically an inversion of Godliness. Such destructions are commonplace. It is not a travesty, nor anything to cry over, but something to learn about and from, because once you are mocked for words, words die. People are not to kill words, but they do. Words can be destroyed, but God cannot, because of the concept of permanence, as it is not a suicidal doctrine. I applaud your efforts at peace - not idolizations, that are horrific, remnants of fears, and people need to preserve, for God.