He asked a mutual friend (not Taylor Swift, for sure) if they could pass along her number, and despite exhaustion stemming from the birth of her son and her relationship with her volatile now-ex husband, Fox agreed to meet up. 

Kanye, 46, romantically pursued her via text message and 'dozens of phone calls' before inviting her to join him at a New Year's Eve party in Miami. 

meeting someone -> be careful. you have to know them before! 

kanye west peed because he is taking medication that makes him do so and this isn't to be laughed at?

Upon meeting at the club, the Uncut Gems actress claimed Kanye hugged her tightly as she kissed his neck. 

Things took a surprising turn when Kanye led her outside to a parking lot and unzipped his trousers to urinate.

'The artist [Kanye] starts peeing on the wall and I quickly jump in front of him,' Julia recalled, adding that she yelled at bystanders not to take photos

'Once he zips his pants back up, he puts his arms around me and pulls me in close, kissing me passionately

Julia FoxDown The Drain 

A day after completing a mural signaling the death of “Taylor Smith” – a clear parody of Swift – in the wake of an ongoing feud with Kanye and Kim Kardashian West, the Melbourne-based painter claims he received an email from Tay’s attorneys asking that the artwork be taken down.

The mural, with a by no means unflattering portrait of the “Bad Blood” singer, reads, “In loving memory of Taylor Smith, 1989-2016.”

Calling the alleged correspondence from Swift’s attorney “your typical cease and desist kind of legalese garble email,” Lush Sux declined to go into detail about the contents of the alleged email, citing legal reasons. He added that he had no plans to destroy the mural.

“I won’t be taking down my ‘Taylor Smith’ mural anytime soon,” said the artist. “But there have been multiple threats from Taylor Swift’s own version of the hITLER youth, who dub themselves ‘Swiftys,’ to go down and destroy the wall.”

In fact, Sux is prepared to go further.

“I’m sure I can cook up a round two for the spot if it gets destroyed. I may even go down and change it around tonight for another good laugh,” said the artist, considering the idea of putting Caveman Spongebob’s face over hers. Among the general, non-Swifty public though, the reception of the Taylor memorial has been much less contentious. Since the mural was officially completed on Wednesday, people have honored the commemorative portrait with “empty beer bottles, cheap roses and even cheaper candles,” said Lush Sux. “Real classy down there at the moment.”