The Police Department of Irvine, California

Is Currently Being Investigated, literally this time and finally,

For Hate Crimes Against

Irvine's Large Middle-Eastern Community,

by CAIR ( is indeed the only way to report your hate crime, also attacks on Christians and Buddhists and not Jihadists but Anyone Beleagured, as they are kind and obviously not terrorists, Cair is not short for Cairo, nor is it misspelled, it is an acronym that is historically important, and it doesn't exclude the hurt, only those who hurt; they are not a terrorist group, they just hate crime more than the hateful.)

The Irvine 11 will indeed become the Irvine not a group of terrorists, or anyone who isn't a woman, nor haphazardly chosen, but is reflective of the current hate climate, and it won't be allowed to permeate further; you are the murderer of a child. Good luck now. (GL is good luck, four leaflets?)