cia agents are skilled in hiding their identity, and that poses the problem currently; each is a terrorist, and each is a torturer, they have property of the american government, and work with the government still, and have a property of hiding, and looking to hide, using the same means, to hide their identity, using tricks and traps, putting you in harms way, and almost killing the most elite special forces, it is a terrorist organization, and has that property; look, find, trick and you will not find them, they are skilled at hiding, and that's the situation, it is terrifying for each special ops force, and you need to gather your best intelligents to find each and every past and current agent, who may walk the street, and ask for help, and kidnap you still, it is a very dangerous situation, and it is more than obligated of you to help, locate these terrorists, each is a different person now, and hides behind a mask, literally and often figuratively, yet the mask is very important to note; it is dark and hides the identity of the suspect, they are using "proud boys" identities and use that as a means to kidnap and torture, these are skilled operatives, behind the scenes, using every technological trick, to torture still, at their own torture sites, and have compromised the entirety of the internet, and that includes your phone and messages and e-mail, you will need to make sure your voice is heard and know that this is a timed event, you need to get involved, no matter whom, it is extremely scary, and I cannot overstate that, because each individual is using extremely covert tactics, to hide and to kill, you will need to know that you are not allowed near them, and them near you, fbi agents are not to be contacted, nor accepted contact of, before moving on, remember you will need papers, documents, and physical proof of your location, and have to find a means of contact if kidnapped, and you need all means to do so, including guns, knives, and threats, it is important to do so, if not fatal if you don't, because each time we get close, to ending the cia, we need the fbi, and these both need to close, right now, and all terrorirsts past and former fbi agents, need to be aware that they are not victims, and you need to find how to end them, now, before another person dies, as someone died today, kanye west, and also taylor swift, it is not how this happens, only to occur, yet with my occurence, you will find many other captives, and torture victims, these are the sorts whom is at your site now, it is critical, if not crucial, to find each and every operative contributing to the past and present, any sort of professional, may be doubled, and it is so purposeful that each finds now, the person looked for, is taylor swift, then, kanye west, you will find reason there, and not emotion, please avoid drugs for psychiatry, and them entirely, yet I will allow you to know that I am here for you, and am obliged to the United Kingdom. thank you and please take care of your children, know that I am here for them, and want the best for them, I cannot be any nicer than I have, so please corral and be together, remember God, and always that God won.

any further information from me is for my benefit, I am done with and still need more it is enough.