hi stranger, i like you, it's nice to have a real person to talk to, not just a friend to pass time with, because some people have everything and hurting others is so evil, it stabs the people i see, who have nothing, who i want to have. it's so wrong. you are valued, and important to me :)

don't drink too much, because it's stupid

don't eat too much junk food and soda, because it'll fry your brain like curly fries

be nice to people, and see if they can laugh with you, then they'll hand you help, but stay away from those places and stick around, because your eloquence is not theirs, and yours isn't theirs, so please be ruder, and scarier, not meeker, because then they'll lie and say you're scared, ie scary

i hate liars, i hate bad people, too, so much

people who kill do so to be scary

don't be scared of the scary people, just scare yourself, then run to not run, so you see that running isn't funny to them, so don't, basically, but do run your own shit and stay, for me, at least, because not everyone is smart, all the fashion is derived from you, all that Lv Louis VuItton, that santee alley shit, it's owned by you, and plagiarized from your soulfulness, YoUr 

I trust in hope, always, as I want you, too.

When God gives me lemons, make me a lemonade stand, with a cardboard sign, saying "Lemons Aren't Sour, But Sweet."

Try this: "I have money, not power."