CARE is frequently mistaken for Marcus (not Hacking!) (frequent hallucinatory voice) at CAIR so when searching for CVS Pharmacy

At the time, the star was actually 23-years-old, and beat out some huge names such as Geraldine Chaplin and Mia Farrow for the role.

Mr. Frank Sinatra only drank the best, not blood, a true artist, and man's man, Sinatra, V's pup is Victor no more

rape against rape victim advocates is you know

so gross and pedophilic like this isn't yours to take when i make it, you stupid or something 

like allah means God, but when perverted it's all-ah so-to-speak like so nice

i have those lilit pogosian md (not dm, stupid, unintelligent, Middle-Eastern slave-wanter,) sheets next up (doesn't mean dating show), from MTV, with the envelope, every envelop so artistic

so creative i am and will be, against your will, against your FBI order, against your disorder, so as to fake Us out? wrong, weirdo(s)s like stupid dentist i got that for not u, You

like how Taylor Swift the way she sings nowadays "The British Tone" is completely raped, through me directly, and to abuse United Kingdom, as a plagiarist of me directly

Governor is a frequently abused racist term and so is "excuse" which should be pardon me and pardon you, are not "sir," which is also pillaged

you keep your writer-in-chief, Melissa Broder, disturbing tone and tonality, too and raping punctuation for White Nationals, coded

persian and person and iranian? 

Melissa Broder is the most disugsting writer historically, really to this day braindead ugly-inside-and out, go read your Chuck little girl doesn't mean that, gross af

they aren't laughing with you it's forced as you're exasperated trying to deflect responsibility & they're doing funny thing with optometry like saying they got x-ray vision to make y'all think crazy take y'all fingers, twistin them don't mean that to them want to steal our incredible writing, for bitches like melissa broder, everyone think she scary but she ugly too

why she popular and leslie too, because they evil, fake af white bitches, asshole(s)s who i'd fucking stay away from CVS cares about those sorts, sluts and their cumgobbler(s)s who like to fuck niggas up to be niggas, but they're niggers

"No Dogs" Policy it's weird the equation of Dogs With Gods as perverted Satanists, to call Godly dogs (lowercase), these are pussies, rapists, Marilyn Mansons Taylor Swifts

"spill the tea" means i have to restore elegance take your plantation, your slaves, away from you as one is healthy, and not toxic sorts, strange