once a rape country always a rape country

back to its rightful owner, failed experiment one minute women and three a day men, just not our thing

Abusers so closely and violently the most abusive of the most normal and not weird nor crazy nor schizoid, the laughingstock of World History and the laughingstock of the rest of the world, every employee ever of the FBI and the CIA and etc, not ours, you keep yours, we're together the damage is done, rapists, leave us alone, not interested in abusing nor helping others, it's disgusting, and you are terrorists bad job horrors rapists, and never get near doesn't mean you're cool, hamas isn't haim, and is a political group, stay away from me, you gross rapists -americans, not a fall apart, just to know you're disgusting is to be said absolutely and not my cup of orange juice and wear a glove next time, so when you fuck an fbi agent who is a stalker then the cia tortureas that stalker, does she cum, it's like i can't imagine a brown nigga getting off on her, so if she was hot wouldn't she know it, like she is an abortion, of herself, already, and she isn't aborted without a reason, so when tht happens do i cry it's fucking crazy funny i wouldn't fuck that just to know she isn't fuckable so gross and stupid and always the same, suck a nigga off and get away

paul, fuck you're basically the honeypot joke now

regal mahoom mokhoo mish hana fi denya tanya fi el maya never it's like if she drowned she'd float, it's opposite racism, against blacks {someone like that always hates and never, so it's not a split-personality double-trick}


like it's so bad, like supersonics are not bullets, and chiefs are not racists?

untangling abuse is so hard when at war, so be kind to our agencies

this attack on Mother Russia is so weird and crazy that they wanted more and more, so ransom was involved, it's not real, like the abuse does to deflect responsibility like when o2 was bombed by crazed elves, who said let's do this, and just snap crackled and popped a nigga, to do so, but never said it wasn't worth the hidden prize, hatred and dismay, which are self-contradictory, the abuse(s)s the torture(s)s and the risk-benefit cost ratio, if someone hates they hate a lot to subjugate emotionality torture and cripple intentionally and wildly caressing bodies and harming just to have fun, and it's always the same thing; sheklek A shekleh geyret shwaya sheklek mish mabsoot it's the same thing not even fenek that they know where their Heart is, To not be had, it's awful {MI6} 2024-Infinity and Beyond

all those she hired are still here, rarely if ever is one terminated for abusing an employee, and so when i was employed there i didn't get employed but was unemployed, to know your abuse shame and guilt anger and malice pity and dishonor to hurt destroy delinate illogically harm for no reason torture for some reasons and also harm so many in the process, it's not my world, its not yours, it's someone's, above watching us, not you, but us, so stop, and stop making ice out of popsicles it doesn't work the way of abuser, so to say when someone harms it's typically disgusting, also ferality is involved as i constantly and have to repeat apparently, apparently to know they feel and want to not know feelings aren't theirs to say but anger is alwways malicious and typically those sorts of individuals are motivated by their ugly histories of satanism, and abusing children, to destroy inform others, of their tortures, and laugh and willfully so torture is to them, just a thing an object to be objectified even to say and not speak, it doesn't but does make sense, noncensically saying that such torture is real but fake so when you say you are and aren't when you say you are can i get a rape whistle too, kind of hatred, disgusting and feral, always motivated similarly these rapists, to feel what they could never, to take what they're not, like this is and was just to torture and when i see a torturer torture and kill and rape too i gotta say i don't role with that kind of viewer of it, i don't really roll with people who hate with their sordidness to assort hopes and say if anyone wanted, they're disgusting and just to fool around by force it seems to ongo {MI6's Mina}, to want and feel and to subjugate what they aren't a piece of work, they are not artwork, they are tragic abusers, akin to the worldwide figures that got away with it, before they knew to read how to say hello and to know that isn't but is to strange and odd weird and scary to have what is to have what isn't theirs to feel and abuse, so disgustingly, & to cause constant chaos only without, just to know they aren't kind that's all that matters, thanks and such abuse -is {MI6's Mina -}, disgusting so plagiaristically, nauseatingly, angrily, vacuously, ferally

so to abuse others, so much, she flaunts the abuse

and gets away with it,

to taunt, to kill, and to torture and cause abuse and all the past to come back


this is the most abusive person alive

Taylor Swift

and she is abused to no one but some, so disgusting and feral, the worst creature historically

i wouldn't approach this party, and i wouldn't want to know why person of such lack of dignity restraint honesty to torture to fulfill her own selfish fantasies, to kill, and to abuse, to humiliate, and torture so disgustingly and violently and crassly and stupidly and making fun of Us all, all the while so disturbingly with abuser and abusers who know how to abuse when to abuse and the reasons to abuse, so disgusting so heinous and so trivial so that others feel

the most disgusting thing alive the worst human in history, Taylor Swift, the worst abuser historically, with her enablers and enabled,


so to benefit herself, with them, and to laugh


well, your abuse and added to torture abusive and tortured more today at Nobu a restaurant Japan is ok with, but not you to know how disgusting you are and callous and unfeeling the worst torturer in world history to abuse this way to want and to crassly manipulate such chaos caused to feel and to torture what is and what could be



she hired someone additional from her attorney staff of abusers to stalk and abuse and berate so disgustingly to directly rape children, she is a rapist this attorney member is a cunt who will be the same cunt, to be a bitch for brown cocked hard

you a fucking killer well ill show you a cunt yours blood out

so you're the cunt fbi and cia bitches to know what you ain't, you are terorrists, and actively terorrizing knowingly to enable and protect yourselves, racists disgusting straight foul keep your dirty asses out of your fucking hair to know the bitch you aren't gonna get nor be, The Innocent, The Woman

she'll be a walking display of your current torture, haha, keep the bitch and hers, stop raping, and goodbye, stay away order for real, keep you and marilyn manson, banned from the United Kingdom are terrorists, but youre so pussies, that you won't even say you're terrorists, fucking pedos, stay the fuck away. world don't want you, but that ain't us, kinda fake be bop techno artist, no to that, and no to your terrorists, asses back the fuck down

slavekeepers, i fucking killed racists child assaulters all the time, well it will stay that way the most disgusting rapists historically, raping children here, ain't gonna happen, you're loose and loser than others, so it's a loose prick love, now disgusting as ever, an asswipe of a bitch, only hard bitches sorry sluts, fuck you and yours, naturally, so you think you're hard fuck a nigga up cowardly serial killers gross ass torturers in the cia and the fbi and similars, disgusting and marilyn mansons you, fucking cunts deserved a bled

listen if a nigger eats a piece of yellowtail, does her slut have a slut place over the piece double shit to fuck a bitch with days and stays with the hatred of theirs to say "their" and "they're sort of the bang cock type of racist who wants a smoke to know that if that were and would then to say a piece of shit to be a want and necessarily too to know that such abuse is tantamount to the same bitch trifling over the same kind of abuse, to say that they're better and always so so to absolve, and be unremarkable it wouldn't say that someone had to be to not know truly and to stay to want also, so as to know that kind of torture, which isn't good, is always bad, and direcvtly hurts people who aren't you, The Innocent, telling to hurt intentionally with the opposite force that attacks, so as to know what you've done, is stupid, inane, and to feel what shouldn't, feeling what you want isn't the same as not knowing what you have {{{so when people say that you are and always so knowing the truth of honor, then please stay, because i do not we do not rather, and Us do not want your silliness near, so to not vocalize your torture with such gross violations to feel like a winner, someone who has any semblance of kindness, but the worst most disgsuting torturers historically, the united states's abuser to not know, someone who would and wouldn't so disgustingly you are not a victim, you are the doer, so disgusting, not a helper, but a traitor, so when someone knows how awful the truth is then why isn't it happening, always something is happening on twitter by force, so that's one thing amerie's heels and Ours know, that you shouldn't come near us, to know how stupid and violent you are, so terrifying and disgusting just to say if someone had then would and if stevie's lean cuisine is yours, then why is it still frozen, if someone had a heart then that's gross, and your abuse is terrorism, such that, always so dangerously prickly that a person knows what couldn't happen about to say that heart is ours that kindness and always that if a person has then would to know}}}