worst not best and worst isn't best

through my experiences in life, and i believe being raised well, and being a good son and brother, literally and figuratively, i came to many inventions, some more important than others, which the university of california wanted to usurp, because it couldn't go to someone like me, and a lot of this was stealing, and claiming responsibility, collaboratively, then erasing me, to enable people they liked, and to take credit for me, like I'm property and don't exist

more than one, that could have destroyed the psychiatric industry, abusing me to not abvuse their chosen, and to abuse others the way they abused me, and to blame others for their abuse, using the same ways they abused me, learning from their friends and few how to allow others to abuse me and to do so actively, and currently

with a person, who is so disgusting, feral and indecent as hell a piece of shit if there were ever was one a person who hates everyone and everything and who I personally revealed, not as a weak victim, but one who fought back hard, and not to be toyed with, as they're doing now, but to prove who I am what my credit is worth and what my experiences are wortho to those who braved with me, who were maligned idrectly, blamed for their abuses, and calling everyday, trying to kill me,

much more important than that is my Faith, which kept me strong, and has killed them, proving that money don't matter, and that abusers can die and that I killed abuse as a thing. they're just so stupid now, like those mentioned

anyway, enjoy yourselves and your lives, i'm not an old seer, nor a dead nerd, i know my shit

new category: usa genius torture program

fuck you borderline lilit fuck you narcissist taylor swift fuck you psychopath meghna parikh

i kiled all categories with God, such pitiable devils, to prove bipolar disorder is normal and that you are not entitled to work with me, my friends, nor family, nor to advantage yourselves with racists everywhere there because racism, I killed that expression of satanism people who know from academic institutions are so stupid, every single one of them, i am the smartest human in america, and they tried to make me the dumbest, former-actively, and look the most stupid, to end at "Camp Justice," killed the Devil, which is so much more important to me and which is more correct, so racism is dead along with them and their violent, desprate expressions

I am a genius in most fields, as I've shown them to be handicapped intellectually, for their ded devil adherence, and not believing they've died, big thing

rambling he's stupid not smart i'm smarter i'm genius i'm hypnotistic i'm genius i'm funny hahaha i'm better i'm mina haha i rape so i take it don't work like that? hahaha swift the narcissist wins and so does psychopathy by forcefulness and borderline brainwashing so as to 

tlater scaries

All University of California Campuses, founded in 1777, n ot 1990, need to be replaced now with Mina because they banned the Muslim Student Union, acted like my helper, tortured me in so many ways

And most importantly because the racists are still employed everywhere

mneaning it's a piece of shit, like them white niggers and sluts (Innocent status)

ain't no absolving they're tricking before they murder got it all set up ."',// |||united kingdom torture program

i protect my people, so it's an active torture i'm preventing, so often, so damn proud of myself, laughing at you drunkards and their narcissism, haha come get me MI5 & MI6's Mina

Jack and Matty were questioned by UC Irvine Police's Shiva Taghdis, and FBI Special Agent Shiva Taghdis, under normal circumstances by an FBI agent. Yet the CIA took credit for that intelligence, told other government bodies it had been obtained through coercive interrogation

the UC trying to get by with the last torture and torture detention was too much

this is all owing to their homosexuality, which will be induced as there was male-male-female rape involved

This torture marches forward, stronger than ever, with Holocaust crucifixions happening in the past, so Hitler isn't, daughters aren't evil, is really a fake-real one, as this is 1 HITLUR

the uk has no role in torture of course not, is not to be dealt with 'nuff said, no more usa united kingdom torture program

ultimately, if i help anyone, iono, but you gotta ask them how much, that's how this works so they can do their restorative justice