get ready for boxing day sales

i'll all packed up but i keep thinking I forgot that retarded bitch who wouldn't shut up in that parcel

mexicans are harmless, especially to foreigners; when diplomats come, they vacate the premises, so why are so always accusing mexican hotel workers of rapes, it's not that it's a cover for fbi deviance, it's actually a complete fabrication, and where do they go, fbi detention site?

this increasingly looking like a us vs other(s)s hostage situation, but it's a situationship

uc irvine is the devil

was there a trial

or was it a silent send-off

uc irvine is the originator of the cia torture program

uc irvine wanted me in the torture program and put me in the torture program

using psychological torture from 2002-2012

uc irvine banned the muslim student union

uc irvine sent the muslim student union criminals to a secret new cia detention site only for uc irvine muslims

they fabricated rapes, but not really, as there was cum on the girlfriend's bedding

and she's here too saying he's a rapist

the girls aren't arrested because they're there

got raped

they wanted to to take me there, TARRORIST

this school fired francisco ayala, a great geneticist on false pretense, fabricating a death to engage in his genetic expertise

this school employed nancy burley, one of the scariest biologists to ever exist

this school needs to refund me right now because it kicked me out

it blocked me out for no reason

until now

it fabricated that i raped nardine saad "can't identify the three women"

this was the first attempt to send to a cia detention site

after it fabricated that they said nardine came back to talk to them

nardine never did that

this was the second attempt to send to a cia detention site

uc irvine was the end of the black lives matter movement

every recent attempt, with guns at chase bank so you need security while you're there (not them, don't blameshift capital one), was to send to a cia denttino site (bella is not paul, who lied to whom)

blocking without even making an attempt to contact, faking a call the night before with a third party asking mental illness another attempt

every recent attempt, with a home visit while i was in a pseudo-guantemeno in la jolla, to a third party with a psychologist from los angeles mental health

was to send two to a cia detention site

this campus is the start of the cia torture program

they are breathing through me,  in particular, i was the original cia torture victim

and i still am, i was so healthy breathing so freely now everyone is breathing like me, and I'm suffocated, like with a noose over my neck, and that's why they rape and torture, to get high

uc irvine had someone fabricate a "F" for abnormal psychology, corrected to "A+" 

uc irvine banned the muslim student union

uc irvine is the start of muslim torture worldwide

uc irvine fabricated that the speaker at that assembly wanted them arrested, who was that speaker, is he really who he says he is

it was to assault and rape muslim women, because of uc irvine

i can't breathe

i can't breathe

i can't breathe

became popular, it killed and raped virgins in torture programs

and no you're geniuses for my abuses, which you studied in depth to abuse others still

everything they know everything hidden not just the uc irvine police (edus have their own) not just the academics (geneticists who are Satanists, please stop contacting me!) not just the asians

the asians, who are grouped together, as it is the reason for anti-asian hate

there was a student arrested for threats, but he didn't have guns, and worked for the cia, so was clear, did he talk about the muslim student union, he's in jail? full legal name

a campus with this many asians, feeling enslaved, is the reason for covid,

fbi visit to wuhan? chinese are careful, we talked about that elsewhere, people are not money but i need my money now

this is a demand, and i want the anteater changed to me because it's embarssing to animals so i'll just be me

how is nardine do you check on her how was her transformation, and why am i not angry as you are so angry so hypnotic 

a quiet animal, but listen; i like also a statue of each of their victims as such as they want anywhere NOW as it's ongoing rape knowingly to feel my feelings

we'll get the enhanced interrogator, who you fabricated, literally to talk sense into you it's a sort of nebulousness

is cvs involved why is it ongoing why is this company holding me hostage and how many others

this is about real sufferers

fabricating a suicide note (it was a health note on curing college-aged depression) well-being "didn't read it" who are you dale from the secret cia detention site