Arnold Palmer needs his money from the beverage that costs how much in arabic a bit more than that a bit more than that a bit more and that's all, and thank you on behalf of half-iced-teas around the world, because Chamomile is a sleep agent, and so is you and please don't try to drink it, because certain beverages cause cancer, like actual FBI-CIA-Similars agents do, just to laugh, as they've faked cancer in the past, even to amuse and bemuse other(s)s such as those who do have cancer, a disease that isn't found in RoundUp or is it, and why does asbestos make so much problems financially

The Pro Bowl is today's event of Niggers Game, as no one noticed and it's like the all-star weekend just no stars are there and Las Vegas is not a toy to be toyed with, either, FBI

All-Star -> Pro (collegiate athletes are Pro, like iPad Pro, a device which is used abused so it's not your fault if you used it the good "used" way, just spreadsheets Microsoft Excel .xls not lsx weird customer numbers yep