are you abused and if so how and why

your predatory tactic is disgusting, it fits the mold of previous behaviors and actions

it will need to be rectified

as you represent an abuser

this will stop now

and you will stop abusing me and my friends and family network, who represent abuse victims worldwide

this behavior is fine, but yours is reprehensible

involving children in your abuses is not good, and blameshifting is worse

you're a documented terrorist, and doing so breaks the law, The Innocent Law

once you harm a child, you've gone too far, and today you forcibly made many children second-guess their sanities, shame on you

it will be restored now

this is document of abuse and sexual predation, to feel good, it is documented with rainn and cair

you are a white supremacist, a sexual predator who is currently raping and human trafficking

and currently preventing a potential-current human trafficking victim from getting help to stop the trafficking

so you are an admitted human trafficker like that, shameful