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CVS Pharmacy CEO declines medical authority and insists on murder, check his records, he's been contacted numerous times, as has CVS Pharmacy Arcadia, knowingly lying, and only third party to contact to Salt Pit, contact Dr. Kay Jamison and now, because it's too late to, you're murderers and kidnappers, don't contact me, don't contact her, don't contact him, contact your last FBI Contact Shiva Taghdis, Lilit Pogosian MD, FBI's Tom Stewart, and too late is too soon, disturbing, again don't contact nor contact, only Dr. Jamison, do not contact, third party contact, is to say well huh it's ok whatever knowingly destroying Dr. Kay Jamison's health, contact Holy See, and you won't, no fourth party contact, you're going to embarass yourselves and your unhealthy maniacal minds.

school shooter autist america, ray wise, on the left, killed princess diana, with the help of the fbi and cia, similarly, in an eerie tale of abuse, tonight

drugs and corruption gained a stranglehold over their allies in the Afghan government. All told, the account is based on interviews with more than 1,000 people who knew that the US government was presenting a distorted, and sometimes entirely fabricated, version of the facts on the ground.

Documents unearthed by The Washington Post reveal that President Bush didn’t know the name of his Afghanistan war commander—and didn’t want to meet with him. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld admitted that he had “no visibility into who the bad guys are.” His successor, Robert Gates, said: “We didn’t know jack shit about al-Qaeda.”

The Afghanistan Papers is a “searing indictment of the deceit, blunders, and hubris of senior military and civilian officials” (Tom Bowman, NRP Pentagon Correspondent) that will supercharge a long-overdue reckoning over what went wrong and forever change the way the conflict is remembered.

we have reason to believe you are reponsible for the planning and commission of 9/11, post all relevant yearbook data and pictures of fugitives, to be captured, if there an active terrorist and working against, to enable and derange, working hard all night, without anyone noticing

2002 yearbook, thank you, and respond to authorities, upon military transfer

La Salle High School Pasadena California is wholly reponsible for 9/11 and all students are liable along with univerisiteies dovctors etc 


they are trying murder and away with him actively and mockingly

and Ribét before for any involvement with Mohammed-Al-Fayed, for school shooters, again