important blurb: you like Di? then you diet. it's easy diet it out. put a cunt on a wrist, a n d a black gun striped green. your done. started. it is not yet known your racism, the most kkk group in history it is your design of the guise that i do not want, is raped to know you are a cunt and not a blood. it's blood life. tropicana will spoil you tomorrow, and i had not yet shown my anger because it is not yet there, you are a bad person get off of me you stink like americans youre ugly glasses are breaking in my eyes put your sunray down your delicate little b 

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torture element, torture (through current torture thati is, 'baptiste'mal' and such nascent prayersexual torture directed towrads newborn) and to know, that a person of otrture, is not torture itself yet that is your objective (Torture to){and a hazard-codified}

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i look.

and i do not that which is needy and i'm not yet, why do you hate so many? 

and when you raped him, did it feel good? ): it wasn't nice, he is no nice, now it's white nationalist, take for fun to go (take your ass to go; he got raped, with tool, go to toolkit and find out. not much to say)