pain is always your fault and that indicates that you are not pained, not an emotional singer, and a bad singer-songwriter, and, worse for wear, as each of your friends was given the same access and privilege as you, and that means the entirety of America is implicated, particularly the artistic and economic sectors, functioning together, to amplify the American Psychological Association and lesser known groups, such as the CIA and FBI, which function only on high-level detainees, those gaining steam and momentum in the artistic and social justice movements needn't worry, only the most elite artists, whom show signs of spirituality, were actively targeted, and this war has ended badly, for us, and it's not our fault. I'm glad to have won it with the girls from HAIM, we did very good work.

For contactinfo, the usual suspects have been working. Again, you are not in trouble. All known individuals have been apprehended, and thank for your cooperation in this process.

The procedure that follows is dictated by war norms, and the procedures to codify those.

The curren threat is communicated privately, so as not to rattle their tender sensibilities. This is more for the public release of myself, kind of stuff, and to show how extremely pleased I am with your results girls.

Thank you Este!

Thank you Alana!

Thank you Danielle!

Thank you Belladonna (Vanessa Carlton)!

Thank you, Thank you!

Wonderful war, and a wonderful parade that you will deserve, more everyday, with me, as best friends, thank you so much girls, you don't know how much you mean to me now, and of course before you, so thank you tomorrow!