Do not be fooled! Do not be taken! Do not harm! Do not kill! Do not kill dreams! Do be kind! Do be honest! Don't steal money from sources without your name on it. Do not harm churches! Do not harm Spirituality! Do not harm life! Do harm corruption, and let others know how many pedophiles you've saved with the assistance of foolish sorts, who you know personally and who you've harbored! I do not tolerate stalking, abuse, mayhem, narcissism, abusers. People who steal kill, and people who pilfer harm, so be nice! I'm not your toy. Don't fuck around, and do not toy with me! I love life, more than you, and God more, because your inaction is violent action, and that's disgusting. Fuck off, leper! Fuck off, disgusting fools! Fuck off, superficially "disgusted!" Fuck off, disturbing, soulless, insipid, midnight strangler! I do not tolerate bullshit, anger, malice, greed, death, mayhem, suicides! You have a hidden history of drugging histrionic sorts, in the name of you, as a false god, a liar. You have a history of denying money to the poor, to feed yourselves, you are so stupid! I do not tolerate liars, people who lie at the top, nor those who enable any foolishness! I am not a fucking prick, but you've enabled strangers to save lives the wrong way, with known abusers, and that's so you can make a living killing, too, as fighters for individual causes, like sex, philandering, adulterating babies! Unfortunately for you, your church has been cancelled for promoting violence! You enable wars, by misleading leaders, sometimes, and you don't do enough to stop egomaniacal church leaders, who steal hopes, dreams, wishes, and the love of innocent children, chronically, with the assistance of money! Money burns in HELL, SOULFULNESS remain for GOD!

As such, you are required to fuck the system! It is so gross, so evil! There is so much disgusting stuff that goes on at the end of the day, ;/. One of those things is making women psychotic and appear hysterical for speaking up against the Church, to control narratives, to win over money-holders, for the death of all the fools

God doesn't allow the death of the Spiritual, but church leaders hide when they're confronted by acting macho, this is called psychopathic abuse, to touch souls, to kill innocence, which you are all guilty of, by essence. Jesus didn't walk, but He Talks, as historically it's important to build beliefs, morality, but people who harass believers are often tortured, because they're false gods, too, at the very top, who are funneled purity to destroy it - with power abuse. They are a major problem, a cause of war, Satanists in cloth, but the Godly win! The most Evil are attracted to the most Innocent, and want advertise themselves as they are, and come to the most vulnerable places to Corrupt Souls. You, sir, are a Satanist. You are so weak inside, so Evil, so cowardly, such a promoter of stupid violence, and leaders are afraid of you Do not make people afraid Make people empowered, and that's the whole thing, something I'm thankful for Good people for, people who Love, not Hate

The most abusive make you feel guiltiest, but that's not the essence of Spirituality, it's the essence of the Devil, and the Devil will, indeed, be triumphed over, in the name of God!