state of terror is extremely and violently high. stay away is only for me, oppositely you and it is not your peacekeeping agreement to amend and i have your complete authority of your Saudi government as a media representative to correct and amend your way is not my objective, I need for military control not really, it is more take to go and injure for your sexual assault is not your plebian ordinary person it is a military action not by another party emigrant is not. and we have full documentation sent to the 911 commission report leader as well as the speaker of the house and it also has codification with my legal representative and sought for my human right is not allowed of my anger i do not become angry yet peaceful in mina's grace it is yet taken of mine away from you to understand that contact is my reprsentative currently tortured and freed by and is of mary tangagho ross. this is the urgent state of things do not thank me nor apologize for your i don't want and i would not want a party of yours. it is yet your party to attend at your party's birth it is not only disrespectful it is hardly respectful that you do not respond to your leader when he asks you to and your kingdom needs that response and that is not from my contact in egypt fbi would not need itself announced it is more than that it is more than anything that i do not have it is yet your taking of mine after 9/11 i've discussed if you navigate properly this google site the three bars at the left click around and maybe twice use the search magnifying glass in the far right, but this is not a show, it is an extreme effort with many corporations and governments relying directly on my historical treatment and also my legal brief prepared already it is there not against you it is your americanists birthday girl stay in your cake it is not yours and get your ass out of this you dirty ass blick ticker I will not forget your 911 it will not be forgotten by your prime not suspect victim and later suspect horrible this is not a generalization to extra-national it is not yert my doing it it is that you want and need yourself out of my hate of you not my and take your arse out of this situation (for general inferences and inquiries, contacty your un treaty officer, and by way of mina, the writer of these writings, the curly-haired is it stare at you to make you then do not want of you are not yet a part of that empty party at your house of haute it is not yet it is out of my anger not a part of your pudge.this is not a google standoff it is yet racist find 9 to 1 mina torture

no respect whatsoever for current leader

the way this looks is how difficult this is to do; this isn't a hostage standoff and your perceptions are colored by trash geniuses.

they like anger and malice, same things. these are the government.

don't mess with the computer and give me your phone. this is not urgent this is not about fbi.

active terrorism cyberstalking of google customers just to torture the middle-eastern peacekeeper who established the formed middle-eastern peace treaty, acknowledged in Israel and in the "Middle East"

(you make it seem like i am working with you you're fucking gross.) i am not an art teacher by necessity you put me out my ashes i'm going to light this writing up, you are terrorists and this is a hostage standoff with the united states government and the war office, because it is in its strongest state, not a militias takeover, and used my years of writing and research logically against without using any technological pretense and this is already codified while tortured with documentation at it is not policed and I am not helped because of your not allowed near nor far and stay away i told you to this is my command not yours i don't work with you i work against you it is not a team "telepathic effort," -american teammates of terrorism

i cannot become a codified argument of none that means i already have own this war and you accepted battle cry into your existence of tortur with bipolar artists stinking the shit of the world and taking the importance of a military leader from the Middle East not contact any official from because it is not your directive you terrorists do not like your ugly talkative bitch out of my face that's enough of your little torture boy