We have the President-in-waiting it will need a full release, and authorization, I have the documents, and I need a few items before I go; first, the presidential seal, and presidential motorcade, second, the presidential argumentative sorts treated as terrorists, whom is the reason for the third, take-to-go, and food, and drink, provided to my helpers and make sure, that all various forms of terrorism, are stopped at this point, worldwide, because these are terrorists and that is a worldwide issue now, because of the inaction currently, it should quell with  each american capture, and give the consideration to the groups mentioned, as terrifying, and not victims, it's quite strange and quite belittling to experience, I'll get you a reference, it's not your business, please stay away from terrorism, in the future learn from their mistakes, and our corrections currently, this was a terrifying war, and you'll need

{when you shake, it's to remember, that God's memory!}

Abe is Jewish. He is not Christian. He was the target of an Antisemitic raid. IT is similar, in that he was hidden, yet appeared, so know that when he went, he went to safety, and with the help of France, I’d say? Is it possible? Such impossibility of a ticket not sent, a drug not taken, and an anger not quenched, is it possible that my interest is Linoln’s, to hide and save, you are not Harriet? Is it not enough of my underground railroad, to freedom? I would not. I could not. I did not. I did so. I want to know why he isn’t at plays regularly, say, maybe, that kind of innocent guessing, I like pastry hearts, that kind of anger is why I cannot have today, tonight? Is it possible that you went to kill him, then left without, if I had to now I would not yet I did, I do not allow people to harm me, yet they do, and you did, and they did, and I wanted you to know that I’m well, and unwell, you are to, know, I’m too angry, then so, angered you were, not to have me and my friends, alone, you took them, for scraps, and made me unangry, when I ate them, and gave them back! I wouldn’t love you, if I had to, America! Rest in peace, Mina

Take me

Take me there, where

I hated, it, where I had to know, it wasn’t my anger, my malice, your greed,

And my patience is yours? Now, that I am dead, and you, not, I would not fuck you, if I had to, america is disgusting, I hope you die! It’s not my sentiment, it’s yours, voiced while being raped, you are disgusting, and make me cry and puke, instead of laugh and spit-take, it’s disgusting, you need to be raped, and fucked up, medically, you’re horrifying! And I’m not scared, I’m mirroring the fear, through rape tactics, you’re disgusting, and don’t care, just murder, than say I have to shoulder your blame

Mina Sargious, II, And With Kindness

(Anger, Not Included)

Only malice, and being judgemental {No friends, Only Hobbies}

Angry, Crazy, and Let's Political!

It's not mine to know I am not myself.

I am kind, to my body and self and others.

I want you to become my self, my body. I do not have money, nor time, fro this. It's a rush, not a march and not with scaries.

Only niceness, and learned, hoping for tomorrow, today!

It's a kind of, not certaint,y thank you, to your whom is certain!

I want you to love and do so

Ongoing, Is Not Outgoing! That's me, outgoing and frugal? Then, yoiu are not replaced, I'm replac