People need people. People need others. People need strength. People need hopes. People need to stay away from Taylor. People need to stay away from Kanye.

Both are divisive. Both cause conflicts.

You need to pray tonight. You need to pray every morning.

I am your friend.

-Mina Sargious

If you need to talk, I'm available. You can e-mail me at

I only answer nice people now!

The FBI is nice. The CIA isn't.

I understand, but still want to learn why others hurt people for fun and why bad people think they're important and why these things aren't fun, and it's because they're evil.

Take care, world. Take care, abusers and I have to move on. My mission is complete. I am afraid of Taylor Swift and Kanye West: they are the worst humans. They will not improve. It is not my fault, and they need to stop and be stopped. Taylor, in particular, is the Devil. Kanye is her accomplice. No one should fight. No one should kill. No one should cry. No one should die. No one should harm. No one should.