terrorist activity stoppage of your time is not that yet we will have you chained to the wall and killed you and yours because you have intitiated torture by psychology and using psychiatry and using all means of torture to psychiatrically induce death and this is yet your theme in america of psychological torture and using extreme methods to hear me and causing the slightest sound for that purpose the most terroristic country in the world's population

so racist that you are not allowed near me you have several american high-profile targets this is a colored war using race technique to free your country of blame using rape tactic of me in particular the most coloured and that means to incriminate other nations and make them you, it is not you, you are individuals, whom chose this nation, and it is yet known that this attack is based in the united states people and it is that you have no emotion and are terrifying and use that terror technique and boldly yet i rejected your nation did not work for it only for that you did not have. it is a terrorist country because of your actions, and your commitment to them, in your people, E-migrants and not immigrants (2024 HAIM WAR), it is your nation of torture, and rape, that you came to enjoy, and that you will not have enjoyed, by me, as I have ended you, entirely, it is your decision not mine yet to torture me continuously and openly support my rape, and as such trying to corrupt and rape actively take for that you had not yet it will not yet allowance it is yet that I had not yet allowed you near it is your torture that you will abide by the rules of, result to action, and cause to effect, and reward to punishment, this is a natural cycle. 

and that you are not allowed in my house and it is your not you stay away from me obey my order you terrorists are logged each and every where phone vip it is not allowed i have every phone record do not challenge telecommunication of the european union and your lines have been seized

Mr. Cockoas it is not how works you are going to be killed with the rest of your family, terrorist activity and terorrist noted at your site of terror at your house it is your last name as a terrorist is that

at your site of hatred, you have lost another sacrifice is yet to had you are so strange yet healthy that is enough you are done with psychiatrists are to be named individually to bet interred each and every family printed at terrorized at current with each financier taken for granted and your racist dr. Cockoas to be raped physically to stop physical assault