You are not to scare, nor are you to create A Scare, 

so beware, that others wear costumes, too, &  (yours is weirder than I imagined, it's a cross between A Sea Monster and Big Bad Wolf and Brutal Dictator, Devil! i do not want to know you, nor did I ever - so see to it, then, Fool

First of all, I am not a person, so don't try me

if you want to confuse others, you'll be locked up.

More than that, a person who hates is awful

So I hate you! I am awful.

However, worse, you are scary, really frightening (and weird, too

like if I saw you, I'd run far into the forest somewhere where (do not harm me, nor do I want you 2, so see to it that you see yourself out of the one door internal)