the fbi needs to arrest impersonating agents

who try to hospitalize by lying

to third parties,

like Marilyn Manson's FBI fraud, abusing women and innocent men, for a girl, he

Moreover, these individuals are Satanists, when they came, and carry on a legacy of racism

report Fake Shiva, real Shiva is being abused; can't answer, nor can Mohamed, who is wondering if he exists and if. i'm some modern art-

and marilyn manson for writing the fbi letter (and brainwashing)

using real agents

and taylor swift being fake-distraught,lying and singing, while you suffered two days before; any travis fans wanna report her for astroworld investigation

the enhanced interrogation program wasn't Guantemeno, it wasn't interragotry; people who were innocent committed suicide.

barack obama has a stepdaddy named lolo, who isn't black (white parents, raised not in Chicago, but Hawaii)

george w. bush didn't have the lowest lows because of being racist, it was because he was alcoholic and abusive

bill clinton had sex with an intern, and lied to everyone, and hilary villainized her

taylor swift is really not kind or cool. but evil, not just ideas, but revenge-hungry and the leader of the neo-nazis

kanye west is the opposite, one of her victims, who boldly fought by strongly kindly treating his war against racism (Black Klansman, Ron Stallworth)

uc irvine is racist. the irvine 11 were not protesting blindly or scarily; but at one speech; where no one was interrupted, and people said "You're going to fail your classes." they denied it, and prosecuted them criminally, and were expelled. the school banned the entire organization, not for fear of terrrorism, but for fun

Innocence is to be protected, as God's babies are the most innocent, murder can happen at any age, all life leads to a different age, protect that which has more life, abortion advocacy is _ Devil