differently, we'll consider this a conglomerate as a terrorist organization that is a collective against, and unify to conquer the kind forces against it,  and that's what it is the creation of a fake geography, a fake new state-to world? and that's a war offense, as i said halt, and you didn't, this conglomerate will be destroyed

(back to business, the soad isn't a white nationalists those are abusive articles mean to hurt the good guys, serj and us

shift your phone to landscape to fix, so stupid as usual, terrorists, and a new world order? not really, but things can be renamed, scaries

 i want it so can i have it if i spit on it and make it that color instead i think that color is uglier though and you are so ugly, yes you are ugly and feral and inane and dumb af likely to be stupid, too, and unelegant and dark and scary already, so leave me alone and get away school shooter i'm not into you fucking creep stop creepin on Us, we don't fuck with that come-on shockingness to win over a race, and become superior that way, no it doesn't work that way, stupid, and your insistence on physical assault of hands is disgusting and rape is cunt, like you, a cunt, three times

some devout islamic men are so committed they do all sorts of spiritual rituals, like i'll clean your feet for you sister and brother and grandmother and grandfather, and they'll also know you have someone who hates that, is so unclean that it is probably true that she is filthy a person destructive and unkind, who is vituperative for a reason, angry and rebellious all the time, with no hint of reconciliation nor forgiveness, so don't forgive anyone like that, and also please know you are unkind to me, because i am amber heard, a victim of yours too, because you worked to hurt her and her family, just the same, equally acting, trying to cause physical damage with doctors, too, so when you know someone hates you don't work with them, but you worked with a lot of abusers over the years, including that dr. james fellow who is scary and not my friend, just the same to hurt other people like me, a person who knows about how to cure health, so as to help myself and others, proving sanity as usual, but also proving that yoiu're not and were never insane, so please avoid that line of thought, as you've avoided the soup kitchen line for a reason and put others there to serve them, lol, and please don't harm us, the people who know you inside and out, the smarter ones, as proven as usual, so please get your stuff and go to the nearest bus stop to be driven to our choice location, the mosque, and the heart of us, the place you can't get to is heaven, so go to hell, taylor swift and her helpers, big, small, in between like you, who is not me, so do not speak for us, those who have nothing but everything, and also please don't harass us, because we are nicer, as shown as usual, and cooler, as mina and i are the ones to watch ::)

doing crime is gross and i am so ungross, as shown as usual, and i also am extremely wary not to be anything like u, a person who hates consistently isn't kind is terrifying and participates in illegal activities always, and injures wantonly, just for someone to feel something she doesn't want to like abuse and crassness and terrorism, so when i say no terrrorism, i mean i'm committed to God, and in that commitment, I've noted who u really r, are u saying that i am not you, and that you are me, to be a person who isn't u, a "u"surper so scarily, and usurping doesn't mean you're not culpable of becomnig u, and do not harm us again you stupid fux, your ugly side is showing and you are u know you're ugly aggressive and pathologically morose a traitor to truth a disgusting pervert a monster a crass individual a killer of a creative genius can't happen, and a entity can be a genius, as genius is not just a character trait it's ours, and crassness is so gross a trait of traitors people who morosely injure wantonly and people who lack proprity who weren't educated well who lack shit to take shit and take a shit on money  to laugh sickening children, wanting money to displace heroism and avoid accusations that incriminate tyrants, so as to know that your abvuse will not be tolerated, your literary slander will be stopped at once and twice and even again as you are a plagiarist a dark soul a murderer and that's noted right here fuck you taylor swift and her staff for racist rape of arabic sorts and that's enough rape for the day dumb fux who can't speak or write raised like shit are shit likely to attack others for fun and stupid and antagonistic a person without interest a pedophile a destructive person a person without interests a fat ugly fuck a dirty nigger a piece of shit like her father and accomplices a piece of dirty white nigger shit like her dad's a piece of shit like someone who rapes consistently to become someone else, a better person this person isn't a person who cannot become a person who lacks intelligence and elegance and sartorial sense, a piece of trash a slut a nigger a piece of shit who is uninteresting a piece of shit who likes shit as an entity someone who is so uninterestging as to like say a leica camera just for what it is, and not what it makes, a piece of shit who wants to be different, but can't a piece of shit who is uninteresting and able to tell disease a dirty fuck a piece of shit an unartistic fuck, a piece of shit who cannot become another, a piece of shit who isn't intersting, meaningfully defined as dirt soil and filth, a stupid violent lover of idealized portrayls, a dirty niggerish slut and a slutty nigger all in one, to abuse and mock, to become someone she isn't, superior, and Godly