no one makes death threats from a country, because no one has a country to make death threats from

there is a few military, not much, all strongmen, and it appears not entirely rational, i would recommend a quick-switch to a regime of good treatment of others, and bad punishment of others, these military videos are not real, are cgi/ai, and knowing to abuse, and with, and for whom, do credit your author, and let taylor know she is not forgotten, poor little loving false god of yours and you all's, it's not forgotten, you don't rape me, run away with my blood to the pharmacy, of hate, to love, to enjoy my pain, still it is my work, to keep, with my money, is yours, to have, dear is yours, and mine dearly, yours, mina

and you go and say it's your fault now do as i say and if you don't i say i can and i cannot understand you through help now and harm now; is your harm heal and why are you scared of him, isn't he an adult, then why isn't he emancipated and why are you not scary, but he and he inept to genius, is my moral ineptitude

a person of hatred is not lovred and also know that I cannot understand your and yours to me and mine, only you and you to me and me, it is confusing and scary, to be alive here, and also very suspicious, with agents masked as civilians, and civilians masked satanists, it is not my fault, that you cannot understand your ways, and it is not my duty to fix yours, please amend your and yours and me and mine, to understand you are not victims, only celebrants, and so deliberately and so you take your joy for mine, and it aggrandizes yours

if ray-j is brandy's brother, then why is she not with him, on the queen mary on fourth of july, why is he alone, and why is she with he, he is dangerous, and not whom he says, afflicting diseases and responsibility to brandy, for the same purpose, and working against peace and quiet, only not for Ms. norwood, whom is consistently suicidal and not herself, lately, and do check on yours and you and my and mines

a forensic expert is called frequently, especailly among neighbours, there's commotion, what's going on next door, castro can't help, he's employed, and amanda is crying and you still love her more, it's more than your abuse of me, it's yours, to not to do is your hatred of lovered, it is not a means of rape, to insult language accents, and recall your self to hatred it is not my self lately and i cannot with you and your stupids, it's not about how stupid a person you are it's more about how ugly a thug demeanor your country has and has had i will not entertain i will not amuse i will entertain i will amuse this banter is toxic and wasteful, and you need to educated your kids on proper english, it is not how you achieve, by rape, shame on taylor swift and know that i am not a person, but an object, then, objectified and subjectified you are to Me, as your ruler, is odd to hear, and odd to say, and i am not your ruler in that sense, only politically, nor tyranically, nor codified, just wondering if someone whom is harm, is heal, then why are you still, and why are you rattled, it's confusing i don't get it hmm can we help out tell me about the weirdo next door, and how he's acting, is his behavior normal, and can you help us out here, this indvidual next to you, seems can you tell us is he okay are you okay with letting us in and let us know and please we'll get back to you